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iRubric: Musical Genre - Presentation rubric

iRubric: Musical Genre - Presentation rubric

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Musical Genre - Presentation 
One of the most important parts of musical knowledge is to understand the many genres that music itself is made up of. Your project is to focus on one of these genres and create a presentation of the musical genre, by explaining characteristics of the genre, instruments used and information about popular artists.
Rubric Code: W2242W7
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Subject: Music  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Level 4


Level 3

3 pts

Level 2

2 pts

Level 1

1 pts


Level 4

Demonstrates a clear understanding of how and why the genre developed, its characteristics and compares it effectively to other genres.
Level 3

Understands how genre developed over time and most characteristics. Shows basic comparison to at least one other genre.
Level 2

Demonstrated some understanding of genre development and characteristics.
Level 1

Did not mention characteristics of genre and was unable to compare it to other genres.

Level 4

The presentation was very informative and easy to follow. The use of French was excellent.
Level 3

The presentation was informative and flowed well. The use of French was good.
Level 2

The presentation included some relevant information about the genre. The use of French was pretty good.
Level 1

The presentation did not include much factual or relevant information. There was little or no effort to speak French.
Musical Examples

Level 4

The presentation includes three appropriate examples with artist information. Very effective examples.
Level 3

The presentation includes two or three appropriate musical examples from the proper genre with information about the artists.
Level 2

The presentation includes two appropriate musical examples but not from the proper genre or without artist information.
Level 1

The presentation does not include accurate or appropriate musical examples or artist information.

Level 4

The presentation shows a lot of individuality and creativity.
Level 3

The presentation shows some individuality and creativity.
Level 2

The presentation shows a little creativity.
Level 1

The presentation shows no creativity.

  • Musical Genre



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