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iRubric: Planet iMovie rubric

iRubric: Planet iMovie rubric

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Planet iMovie built by forthelove

Rubric Code: VX92XB2
Your job is to create an imovie or a powerpoint about the planet of your choice that highlights the unique characteristics of your planet. You MUST include the required elements (how big it is, distance from Sun, surface features, etc.)in your movie. Be creative!
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Keywords: (None)
Categories: Subjects: Science  
Types: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Atmospheric Burn-up (Not Meeting)
4 pts
Black-Holeness of a job (Beginning)
6 pts
Rocket Performance (Meeting)
8 pts
Out-Of-This-World (Excelling)
10 pts
Content Knowledge
Atmospheric Burn-up (Not Meeting)

Little information (4 or less facts) was given about your planet and or it is inaccurate.
Black-Holeness of a job (Beginning)

A fair amount of information (5-6 facts)was given about your planet and is mostly accurate.
Rocket Performance (Meeting)

A lot of information was given (7-8 facts) about your planet, and is mostly accurate.
Out-Of-This-World (Excelling)

Your movie is very informative. (9-10 facts) The information is extremely accurate and has many descriptive details.
Included: How do you get there? What are some activities to do?<BR>
5 or more facts included.
Atmospheric Burn-up (Not Meeting)

The clips and photos interfere with the communication of the content. The clips do not make sense and are randomly placed.
Black-Holeness of a job (Beginning)

Clips and photos barely communicate the information intended. Most clips are too long or too short and confuse the content.
Rocket Performance (Meeting)

Clips and photos communicate the content information in an effective manner. Some clips are either too long or too short to be meaningful.
Out-Of-This-World (Excelling)

Clips and photos are appropriate to the content and communicate the information at a high level. Clips are long enough to convey meaning but without being too lengthy.
Atmospheric Burn-up (Not Meeting)

Presentation has four or more misspellings and/ or grammatical errors.
Black-Holeness of a job (Beginning)

Presentation has three or more misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
Rocket Performance (Meeting)

Presentation has fewer that two misspellings and/or grammatical errors.
Out-Of-This-World (Excelling)

Presentation has no misspellings or grammatical errors.
Atmospheric Burn-up (Not Meeting)

The presentation is lacking originality and does not capture the attention of the audience.
Black-Holeness of a job (Beginning)

The presentation has a minimal amount of creative elements. The audience is partly engaged and interested in it.
Rocket Performance (Meeting)

The presentation has a lot of creative elements. There is a variety of scenes, props, transitions, and video which capture the audience's attention.
Out-Of-This-World (Excelling)

The movie is created in a very unique and creative way. There are many different scenes, props, transitions, and video which capture and hold the audience's attention.
Work Quality/Effort
Atmospheric Burn-up (Not Meeting)

Work is done with little effort, quality is not what the learner is capable of. It is evident that the work was rushed and little time was spent on the final product. Work is incomplete.
Black-Holeness of a job (Beginning)

Work is done with fair effort, but the quality is still not what the learner is capable of. It is evident that the work was rushed.
Rocket Performance (Meeting)

The work was done with good effort that shows what the learner is capable of. It is evident that time was put into this project.
Out-Of-This-World (Excelling)

The work done exceeds all expectations and shows that the learner is proud of his/her work. The effort that was put into this task is the best it can be by the learner.
Atmospheric Burn-up (Not Meeting)

The information presented is not clearly displayed throughout the project.
Black-Holeness of a job (Beginning)

Little preparation was done for the presentation of the information, it therefore lacks many elements of what is expected.
Rocket Performance (Meeting)

The student presents the information fairly clearly and displays a reasonable understanding of their information.
Out-Of-This-World (Excelling)

The student presents the information clearly and displays a complete understanding of their information. It is evident that the student was well prepared.
Project Focus
Atmospheric Burn-up (Not Meeting)

Was disruptive during class/computer lab time and showed no respect for others.
Black-Holeness of a job (Beginning)

Sometimes worked on the project in a respectful manner
Rocket Performance (Meeting)

Time was usually spent wisely and no behavioral complications affected other's working.
Out-Of-This-World (Excelling)

Time was well spent wisely and no behavioral complications affected others working.

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