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iRubric: Green Car-Engieering Design Process rubric

iRubric: Green Car-Engieering Design Process rubric

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Green Car-Engieering Design Process

  Derived from rubric: Green Car-Engieering Design Process
built by MAfshar

Rubric Code: RX9X8A9
Students used the engineering design process to design and construct a model car that runs on solar powered batteries.
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Keywords: Engineering
Categories: Subjects: Engineering   (General)  
Types: Project  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Does Not Meet
0 pts
Partially Meets
5 pts
10 pts
15 pts
Brainstorm and Choose Design
15 pts
Students work as a team to brainstorm several designs.
Does Not Meet

Student in the group had no discussion about ideas for a car design. Had 0 ideas.
Partially Meets

Students had 1-2 ideas for a car design. Small discussions.

Students had all students participate in the discussion. 3-4 ideas for a car design

Pre-planning included several ideas that were well thought out with creativity. 5+ ideas for a car design
Build Project
15 pts
Students build a prototype (car) of the selected design.
Does Not Meet

Students did not produce a design from the computer program or build a prototype.
Partially Meets

Students had at least 1 design within the specs set. Built a working car.

Students had at least 2-3 designs within specs. Built the prototype (car) they thought was the best of their designs.

Students had 5+ designs within specs. Built a well thought out car from the designs presented.
Test & Evaluate
15 pts
Students tested and evaluated the built prototype (car). They had fully charged batteries and observe how it works and talked about how to improve it.
Does Not Meet

Students did not attempt and/or finish a car to be able to make improvements.
Partially Meets

Students built a working car, but had little discussion on how to improve their design. Students had less that a full charge on the batteries

Students had good discussions on how to make improvements to their car while looking at all other group designs for ideas. Batteries were fully charged.

Students had great discussion based on the many designs from the group. Batteries were fully charged.
15 pts
Students made changes to the existing design in order to improve it.
Does Not Meet

No design changes were made.
Partially Meets

Design changes made little improvement in the car.

Design improvements were made that improved the car.

Design improvements were made that dramatically improved the car.
Distance Race
15 pts
"Test & Evaluate" cars, Who made the car that went the longest.
Does Not Meet

Students did not participate in the race or finished last.
Partially Meets

Students finished in 3rd place.

Students finished in 2nd place.

Students won the race.
Engineering Notebook
15 pts
Log Book was kept and organized
Does Not Meet

No notes were kept.
Partially Meets

Students have very few notes or design sketches.

Students had adequate note that showed how they made improvements and some sketches.

Student had excellent notes and many sketches for the entire design process

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