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iRubric: Expressive Caricature Bobblehead rubric

iRubric: Expressive Caricature Bobblehead rubric

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Expressive Caricature Bobblehead 
Double Pinch Pot, additive sculpture (features realistic eyes, nose, and mouth.
Rubric Code: PXA5CW4
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

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  Level 1

1 pts

Level 2

2 pts

Level 3

3 pts

Level 4

4 pts

Understanding Clay Construction

~Student carried out the instructions and key concepts.
* Score, Slip, Blend<BR>
* Thickness of the pinch pot walls

Level 1

*Students made little attempt or did not properly use clay hand building techniques (slip and score, blending, and thickness of walls).
Level 2

*Student made some attempt with little or no success with the hand building techniques (slip and score, blend, and thickness of walls).
Level 3

*Student made an attempt with some success using the hand building techniques (slip and score, blend, and thickness of walls).
Level 4

*Student went above and beyond requirements using the hand building techniques (slip and score, blend, and thickness of walls).
Creativity/ Originality

~Creative idea,
~Took time to plan out the composition.

Level 1

*The piece shows little or no evidence of original thought.
*There are no preliminary thumbnails or sketches.
Level 2

*The texture, placement of features, and design added to the expressive caricature pinch pot were barely considered.
*Glaze colors were barely considered.
Level 3

*The student's work lacks sincere originality.
*Glaze colors have begun to elevate the creativity of the design.
Level 4

*The student's work demonstrates originality in the placement of features and design on the expressive caricature pinch pot. Shows evidence of problem solving.
*The student used effective color choices to build on the creative technique of adding glaze.

~The edges are not sharp and the shape is thought out.
~There are at least 4 textures visible
~Neat application of glaze.

Level 1

*The edge and texture are rough and messy.
*Many areas of raw clay are visible.
*The glaze was applied very fast and does not look intentional.
*Messy application looks unfinished.
Level 2

*There was consideration to the shape of the pinch pot, but the texture is uneven.
*Even coats of glaze were not applied (some areas of raw clay or thin coats).
*The glaze was applied in a fast and sloppy manner.
Level 3

*There was consideration to the form of the expressive caricature pinch pot and texture.
*Not enough coats of glaze were applied. Areas are still transparent.
*The application of glaze is choppy and could have been put on more evenly.
Level 4

*The edge of the expressive caricature pinch pot and body are smoothed out. Texture is even.
*Nice even coats of glaze.
*The edge from one glaze color to another is clean and the raw clay is not visible.
Atitude Effort and Responsibility

~Student has an excellent attitude about the project, works hard and is responsible for clean up and safety

Level 1

*The student does not have a positive attitude about project, has not put any effort into project and does not clean up properly or obey safety rules
Level 2

The student has a somewhat negative attitude about project, rarely works hard and needs to be reminded to clean up.
Level 3

The student has a good attitude about project works relatively well and does not need to be reminded to clean up very often.
Level 4

The student has a great attitude about project consistently works hard and always cleans up.


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