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iRubric: Painting with Glazes (PWG) rubric

iRubric: Painting with Glazes (PWG) rubric

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Painting with Glazes (PWG) 
This rubric will be used for painting with Glazes on a tile. The use and application techniques will be assessed as well as craftsmanship and appropriate use of medium.
Rubric Code: MX5BAX3
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

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  limited 1


emerging 2


skilled 3


accomplished 4


Time and effort

limited 1

Class time was not used wisely and the student put in no additional effort to achieve goals.
emerging 2

Class time was not always used effectively but understanding is seen.
skilled 3

Class time was used wisely. Student could have put in more time and effort out of class but overall effort is above average.
accomplished 4

Class time was used wisely. Much time and effort went into planning the color and design of the piece.

limited 1

Student has not made much attempt to meet the requirements of the assignment.
emerging 2

Choice of color lacks interest, there is little evidence of student voice, but the student has completed the assignment.
skilled 3

Student has taken the techniques being studied but used limited color of glaze on piece. The student's personality comes through in parts of the pottery.
accomplished 4

Student has taken the techniques of painting glaze being studied and applied it in a way that is totally his/her own. The student's personality/voice comes through.
Use of materials

limited 1

Student deliberately misuses or wastes materials AND/OR does not adequately clean materials or area when reminded. Did not wash out paintbrushes everyday Did not wash off table. Brushes were not clean, or newspaper was thrown in the trash. Occasionally, the work area is messy.
emerging 2

Student adequately cleans and takes care of materials if reminded. Occasionally, the work area is messy. Did not wash out paint brushes well everyday. Did not wash off table. Brushes were not totally clean, Occasionally, the work area is messy.
skilled 3

Student adequately cleans glaze materials and work area at the end of the session without reminder, but the area may be messy during the work session, which can start to create material waste. However, student steps up to help when needed
accomplished 4

Student always kept glaze materials and area clean and protected without reminders. Washes paintbrushes out and put them away with handles down. Always washed off table. Pride in materials easily seen.
Skill / Craftsmanship

limited 1

Student disregarded the glazing techniques demonstrated in class. Lacking much of color combinations. There are not enough design areas.
emerging 2

Some evidence of glazing practices used in class. Painting is patchy and has at least three design areas. Color combinations somewhat appearing.
skilled 3

Student skillfully used the glazing techniques demonstrated in class. Student has two heavy coats, and five distinct design areas. Good choice of color combinations.
accomplished 4

Student skillfully used the glazing techniques demonstrated in class. Student has two heavy coats, and more than five design areas. Color combinations have been chosen carefully.

limited 1

Little, if any, paint or glaze has been applied and is sloppy and uncontrolled.
emerging 2

The paint and glaze applied is somewhat organized and controlled. Not enough coats with some streaking.
skilled 3

The paint/glaze applied shows careful planning and control. All color is applied in appropriate areas. Correct amount of coats with no streaking.
accomplished 4

Paint/glaze is applied skillfully and in pre-determined areas. The colors selected enhance and compliment the piece, adding to the aesthetic value. Correct amount of coats and no streaking.

  • pottery clay


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