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iRubric: General Assignment Rubric

iRubric: General Assignment Rubric

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General Assignment Rubric 
This is a rubric for a general assignment.
Rubric Code: L244523
Public Rubric
Type: Homework  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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3 pts


2 pts

Needs Improvement

1 pts

Content / Presentation


- Content is comprehensive, accurate, and concise.

- Information is presented in a clear and easy to understand manner. Content is supported with appropriate inputs.

- Research is adequate, timely, and addresses course concepts.

- Content in line with assignment guidelines.

- Content is somewhat comprehensive, accurate, and concise.

- Information addresses assignment guidelines but is not well supported with appropriate inputs.

- Research is satisfactory.

- Content is not fully in line concerning assignment guidelines.

- Content is incomplete and does not fully address required inputs.

- Information presented is not clear and /or sufficient.

- Research is inadequate or does not address module concepts.

- Content is inconsistent in meeting assignment guidelines.
Needs Improvement

Module assignment was not submitted.
Organization / Development


- The assignment content is well-organized and easy to understand.

- There are transitions between assignment responses.

- All responses are well-developed and meet the assignment guidelines.

- The assignment submission is well-organized and easy to follow, but some content is missing.

- Some responses may lack full development or lack information.

- The assignment submission is not well organized.

- The responses are missing some information.

- There is much repetition and/or incomplete responses throughout.
Needs Improvement

- The assignment submission is not organized.

- There is a lack of development in responses.

- Responses are short resulting in a lot of information missing.
Meets Assignment Guidelines


- The assignment submission followed directions completely and correctly.

- The assignment submission's author is readily identifiable.

-Assignment responses are in inline with the module learning objectives.

- The assignment submission generally followed directions, although there may have been one element that was overlooked.

- The assignment submission's author is identifiable.

- Assignment responses are somewhat in line with the module learning objectives.

- The assignment directions are not fully followed with major elements mission.

- The assignment submission author is not identifiable.

- Assignment responses are not in line with the module learning objectives.
Needs Improvement

The assignment submission failed to follow the directions given.
Orthography and Grammar


- No grammatical errors.

- Strong and varied sentence responses, demonstrating excellent understanding of module content.

- Excellent understanding of vocabulary.

- There are several grammatical errors, but no pattern of error is detected.

- Sentence responses demonstrate an adequate understanding of module content.

- Good understanding of vocabulary.

- There is at least one grammatical error that shows a pattern.

- Sentence responses demonstrate minimal understanding of module content.

- Vocabulary used not in line with course content..
Needs Improvement

- The assignment submission has several patterns of grammar errors.

- Words and concepts are used incorrectly.

  • general, essay, asignment

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