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iRubric: Escape Room Evaluation rubric

iRubric: Escape Room Evaluation rubric

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Escape Room Evaluation 
Rubric for Escape Room
Rubric Code: J24837A
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Subject: Communication  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: Undergraduate

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Contributed some ideas and thoughts, but may not have done much. Was not very focused when it came to group work time. Either sat and did nothing some days or played not participating. BUT some work was done.

Contributed ideas and thoughts most of the time. Was mostly focused but some days goofed around. May have gotten an attitude with group members.
Grade Standard

Contributed ideas and helped develop the Tasks. Was completely focused every day here and added thoughtful progress.
Exceeds Grade Standard

Lead the group with enthusiasm, confidence and kindness. Allowed others to add their ideas and accepted help from other group members


Not involved in the discussion of puzzle solving.
Easily discouraged by difficulties with the puzzles.

Often involved in discussions and sharing ideas with others.
Listens to most of the ideas of others.
Offers different ideas.
Tried more than one solution to puzzles.
Grade Standard

Involved in discussions and shares ideas with others.
Listens to the ideas of others.
Tries to put different ideas together.
Tries several solutions to puzzles.
Exceeds Grade Standard

Leads discussions and shares ideas with others readily.
Listens carefully to the ideas of others, asking probing questions.
Sees ways to put different ideas together.
Tries a variety of solutions to puzzles.


Was on electronic devices, for things other than task at hand.
Did not know where to access materials to create problems.
Did not know which kinds of materials would help in the problem creating process.

Could be distracted by electronic devices, for things other than task at hand.
Some difficulty knowing where to access materials. Some difficulty identifying which kinds of materials will help in the creating the problem.
Grade Standard

Used adequate materials for puzzle creating process.
Identified which kinds of materials will help in the problem solving process.
Exceeds Grade Standard

Accessed materials easily.
Knew which materials could help solve the problems.
Chose the best resource for the problem at hand.


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