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iRubric: Acrostic Poem Presentation rubric

iRubric: Acrostic Poem Presentation rubric

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Acrostic Poem Presentation 
This rubric is designed to assess students in their presentation of a poem they have written.
Rubric Code: J246XWX
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Subject: Social Sciences  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: (none)

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  Below Standards

1 pts

Meeting Standards

2 pts

Exceeding Standards

3 pts

Voice Inflection

Below Standards

The speaker's voice is monotonous and the speaker does not show any enthusiasm.
Meeting Standards

The speaker's voice has some rise and fall, but does not show much enthusiasm.
Exceeding Standards

The speaker's voice rises and falls and conveys to the audience through his/her voice that he/she is enthusiastic.

Below Standards

The speaker speaks very fast or very slow.
Meeting Standards

The speaker speaks too fast or too slow at times.
Exceeding Standards

The speaker keeps an even tempo when presenting- does not speak too fast or too slow.

Below Standards

The speaker speaks too softly for audience to hear throughout the presentation.
Meeting Standards

The speaker speaks too softly at times so that not all of the audience can hear all of the presentation.
Exceeding Standards

The speaker speaks loudly enough for the whole audience to hear the presentation.

Below Standards

The speaker continuously sways, fidgets, shifts weight, crosses ankles, and/or does not stand squarely facing audience and making eye contact.
Meeting Standards

The speaker tends to sway, fidget, shift weight, cross ankles, and/or tends to turn away at times from facing towards the audience and making eye contact.
Exceeding Standards

The speaker avoids swaying, fidgeting, shifting weight, and crossing ankles; faces toward the audience and makes good eye contact throughout the presentation.
Overall Presentation

Below Standards

Presentation is not planned and reflects that the student did not contribute the time and effort to rehearse and make the presentation effective.
Meeting Standards

Presentation is okay but some improvements could be made to improve the quality of the presentation.
Exceeding Standards

Presentation is excellent, well-planned, and is a positive representation of the poem.
Body Posture

Below Standards

The speaker continously remains slouched and does not show proper posture for throughout the entire performance.
Meeting Standards

The speaker slouches occasionally and does not maintain proper posture in some parts of the presentation.
Exceeding Standards

The speaker maintains an erect posture (back straight, shoulders up and back, head direct straight forward) throughout the entire presentation.

  • Poem; Poetry; Presentation

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