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iRubric: Portrait Painting rubric

iRubric: Portrait Painting rubric

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Portrait Painting 
Student is to draw a portrait. They may use a magazine image or a photo of someone they know. They will create a grid to enlarge the photo onto a 12" x 18" paper. Contour line should be used to create the outline and inner details of the image. Students will use their choice of "painting" media to complete their portrait.
Rubric Code: HXA48AB
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Level 1

The student does not meet the objectives and criteria for the project.

5 pts

Level 2

The student meets some of the minimal criteria for this project.

10 pts

Level 3

The student meets most of the objectives and criteria for the project.

15 pts

Level 4

Student meets and exceeds the objectives and criteria for the project.

20 pts

Design and creativity
20 pts

Level 1

The student shows an undeveloped knowledge and application of art elements (line, shape , color, etc...) and little creativity.
Level 2

The student shows a developing knowledge and application of design elements and shows some creativity in design.
Level 3

The student demonstrates knowledge and application of design elements and shows creativity in design.
Level 4

The student shows an advanced knowledge and application of design elements and shows excellent creativity in design.
Follows directions
20 pts

Project directions were followed on a daily basis.

Level 1

The student does not follow the directions.
Level 2

The student attempts to follow the directions with much deviation.
Level 3

The student mostly attempts follows the directions, with some success.
Level 4

The student follows the directions precisely with little or no deviation.
20 pts

Project is in good condition. Drawing , erasing, and coloring is thoughtful .

Level 1

The student does not make efforts to neatly use art materials.
Level 2

Craftsmanship and neatness are not consistent.
Level 3

The student demonstrates good/adequate craftsmanship and neatness when using chosen art materials.
Level 4

Excellent craftsmanship is demonstrated throughout the process of the project.
Attitude/Use of Class Time
20 pts

Level 1

Student is at times argumentative and rarely makes effective use of class time.
Level 2

Student is sometimes distracted and/or not doing assignment and needs reminders about staying on task.
Level 3

Student demonstrates good attitude and redirection is rarely required. Student makes adequate use of class time.
Level 4

Student demonstrates excellent attitude and work ethic, making maximum use of class time.
Student Citizenship
20 pts

Level 1

Student has much difficulty following classroom rules. Student rarely cleans up after him/her-self.
Level 2

Student needs reminders to follow rules like reading the "Do Now" directions , obtaining needed supplies, and/or working quietly. Student often needs a reminder to clean up the supplies they used.
Level 3

Student follows class rules well, redirection is rare. Student is normally doing everything that is expected of them.
Level 4

Student follows all classroom rules independently. Student always cleans up their supplies and sometimes those of others.

  • Drawing Tips, proportions, Renaissance, Realism

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