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iRubric: Book Character parade rubric

iRubric: Book Character parade rubric

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Book Character parade 
The student will dress up for the parade and describe their character of choice from a book we have read this school year on this rubric.
Rubric Code: H246B27
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Subject: English  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Not Yet Meeting (C-)

1 pts

Approaching (C)

2 pts

Meeting (C+, B)

3 pts

Exceeding (A)

4 pts

Dress The Part

Not Yet Meeting (C-)

Makes little or no effort to dress like the person.
Approaching (C)

Makes some effort but not a lot of time or effort seems to be spent on costume.
Meeting (C+, B)

Makes good effort can see the resemblance of the charcter. Shows some time and thought on costume.
Exceeding (A)

Makes great effort can see resemblance of the character. Shows a lot of time and thought put into costume.
Acts and Talks Like Character

Not Yet Meeting (C-)

Says nothing or makes little effort.
Approaching (C)

Trys to act and talk but shows little research or knowledge of character.
Meeting (C+, B)

Shows some research and knowledge of character and you can identify the character by speech.
Exceeding (A)

Go above and beyond shows advanced knowledge. Can tell who the person is right away by speech and mannerisms.
Displays enthuisiasm & creativity

Not Yet Meeting (C-)

Shows no emotion or enthusiasm
Approaching (C)

Has to force enthusiams and has very little creativity.
Meeting (C+, B)

Shows some of enthusiasm and descent creativity.
Exceeding (A)

Show a lot of enthusiasm and loud amounts of creativity.
Character Description

Not Yet Meeting (C-)

No details about what the character and his/her likes or dislikes.
Approaching (C)

Mentions a few details about the character and what he/she likes or dislikes.
Meeting (C+, B)

Includes accurate information about what the character likes or dislikes.
Exceeding (A)

Describes the character in depth, doing above and beyond just the his/herlikes and dislikes.
Plot description

Not Yet Meeting (C-)

No mention of what happens to the character in the story.
Approaching (C)

Talks briefly about what happens to the character in the story.
Meeting (C+, B)

Describes the main parts of the story and how it has affected the character.
Exceeding (A)

Goes into detail about the main events of the story. Describes how these events have impacted the character.

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