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iRubric: Anti-Smoking / Vaping Poster Project rubric

iRubric: Anti-Smoking / Vaping Poster Project rubric

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Anti-Smoking / Vaping Poster Project 
You are to design an anti-smoking / vaping poster. The poster must be a creative anti-smoking and/or anti-vaping ad to attract people's attention. The poster must contain the following... -accurately communicate at least three health risks associated with smoking -a catchy slogan, phrase or short poem -hand drawn pictures may be used -the use of proper spelling and grammar. Make sure that your assignment is neat and clearly expresses why a person should not use tobacco.
Rubric Code: H2469AX
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Subject: Health  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  6 pts


4 pts


2 pts


0 pts


Health Risks

6 pts

Three health risks associated with smoking
4 pts

Two health risks associated with smoking
2 pts

One health risk associated with smoking
0 pts

No health risks associated with smoking
Catchy Slogan

6 pts

Concise, creative, catchy, and effective.
4 pts

Concise and effective
2 pts

0 pts

No message presented
Creative Design

6 pts

Well organized, colorful, creative, clean, and neat
4 pts

Creative, colorful, clean, and neat
2 pts

Colorful, clean and neat
0 pts

Unorganized, little to no color or sloppy

6 pts

Three or more pictures
4 pts

Two pictures
2 pts

One picture
0 pts

No pictures
Spelling & Grammar

6 pts

Correctly uses grammar and spelling in assignment.
4 pts

Uses grammar and spelling appropriately in assignment with little mistakes.
2 pts

Tries to use grammar and speeling appropriately in assignment.
0 pts

There is little or no appropriate usage of grammar and spelling.

  • 30 Points



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