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iRubric: Picture Book rubric

iRubric: Picture Book rubric

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Picture Book 
Rewrite a Midsummer Night's Dream. Retell the play in the form of a children's picture book.
Rubric Code: GX85X64
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Public Rubric
Subject: English  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Exceeds Expectations

5 pts

Meets Expectations

4 pts

Nearly Meets Expectations

3 pts

Does not Meet

2 pts


1 pts

Summarization skills

Exceeds Expectations

Summary well-done and complete. Only the key points are addressed without being too much.
Meets Expectations

Summary well-done and complete.
Nearly Meets Expectations

Summary well-done, but lacks information important to plot.
Does not Meet

Summary too brief and lacks important facts and detail.

No summary
Captures Theme


Exceeds Expectations

Project captures theme precisely and conveys the story well.
Meets Expectations

Project captures theme precisely.
Nearly Meets Expectations

Project captures ideas, but not specifically the theme of the story
Does not Meet

Project does not capture the theme

No theme present.
Sensory Details

Exceeds Expectations

Engaging, creative, thoughtful; piece came alive for readers through use of sensory and specific detail
Meets Expectations

Clear and thoughtful; use of sensory details evident; more specific detail needed for piece to come alive.
Nearly Meets Expectations

Direct and usually clear; attempt at some sensory detail made, but lacked specific detail
Does not Meet

Limited clarity and thought; some sensory contained in few sentences of the piece; author did not paint a picture for the reader

No details.

Exceeds Expectations

Well thought out and creative. Excellent use of ideas and color. Student worked carefully, cautiously and creatively.
Meets Expectations

Well thought out and creative. Excellent use of ideas and color.
Nearly Meets Expectations

Creative and imaginative. Could add color or ideas.
Does not Meet

Little color and imagination applied to project. Student did not take time to produce their best work.

No creativity
Spelling and Punctuation

Exceeds Expectations

No spelling or punctuation errors.
Meets Expectations

Very few to no errors, student revised and edited.
Nearly Meets Expectations

A few errors, student revised but did not edit. Does not appear to have used spellcheck either.
Does not Meet

Many, many mistakes, difficult to read. Does not appear to be edited.

Too many mistakes.

  • Key learning strategy: Summariziation



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