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iRubric: Metal Fabrication Project rubric

iRubric: Metal Fabrication Project rubric

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Metal Fabrication Project 
Rubric Code: G248XX5
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Subject: Vocational  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: (none)

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90 pts


80 pts

Partially Meets

70 pts

Does Not Meet

60 pts



Always follows safety rules and encourages and enforces others to do the same.

Always follows safety rules.
Partially Meets

Observes safety rules most of the time but not all of the time.
Does Not Meet

A potential hazard to work around. Observation of safety rules is minimal at best. Is a danger to himself/herself and those around them.


Fully understands procedures and always meets expectations. Tools are always used in intended manner. Welds are quality and done with the proper process.

Has a good understanding of procedures and meets expectations of tool usage. Welds are solid and done within reason of expectations.
Partially Meets

Has some understanding of proper tool use and care. Welds are so-so.
Does Not Meet

Does not respect tools and is careless around them. Does not take time to learn proper procedures. Not done properly.


Is capable of adapting layout procedures to create different projects. Is capable of designing/fabricating jigs and fixtures as needed for repeatability. Helps others when done with his/her project,

Fully understands procedures and is always accurate with measurements. Follows plans and understands how to make adjustment to plans if necessary.
Partially Meets

Has some understanding of procedures and attempts fabricating parts of project within plan tolerances.
Does Not Meet

Does not follow plans, procedures or directions.
Does not use lay-out tools or measuring instruments correctly. Cannot perform basic shop math as it relates to project lay -out.
Quality Control


Strives for absolute perfection. Uses ingenuity and thinks outside of the box to achieve close tolerances that are repeatable. Raises the bar for other students to follow

Likes to see a finished and functional product at the end of fabrication.
Keeps trying/working until problems are figured out and the desired results are achieved, but will leave items out even though there is time to correct.
Partially Meets

Not very particular with how the product looks or how well it functions. Does only what is absolutely necessary. Does not pay attention to details.
Does Not Meet

Has absolutely no interest in working hard to do the best job. Wastes material. Will not take time to think things through or prototype.
Time Management/Teamwork


Finishes work early and works together well.

Completes work on time and checks over finished product carefully.
Partially Meets

Completes work but does not allow any time for corrections or improvements. Not fully on task.
Does Not Meet

Does project but wastes a lot of time during class. Does not focus on project.


The layout of the project was accurately done with no imperfections.

The layout of the project was accurately done with little imperfection.
Partially Meets

The layout of the project was mostly accurate, showing some imperfections that did not have an impact on the final project.
Does Not Meet

The layout of the project was below average, showing imperfections that had a significant impact on the final project.

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