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iRubric: Movie Trailer Project rubric

iRubric: Movie Trailer Project rubric

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Movie Trailer Project 
Students are to create a movie trailer based on the novel they just read. Their job is to think about what the author was trying to convey and then capture that essence, complete with theme and symbols present in the short film.
Rubric Code: E246A85
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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Scenes & Essence


Scenes are chosen appropriately. They are short and filled with text or action, or other relevant moments from the novel. Symbol and essence is clear.

Scenes are chosen appropriately for the most part, with novel's essence basically captured. A few scenes might not be relevant to capturing the essence of the novel, or symbol may be questionable.

Scenes chosen do not add to trailer and are weak. Symbol scene is off or missing. Many clips are lengthy or leave me wondering what they have to do with the novel's essence.

I do not see a clear connection at all to your movie trailer scenes and the essence of what the author was trying to say.
Titles & Text (must have some)


Titles and text add something special to the trailer, and do not detract from overall trailer. Diction was crisp, clever,and appropriate with clear links to the novel. Names are included.

Titles and text lack n a few places, but overall, they do not greatly detract from the trailer.
Diction of text was fair but could use more sophistication. Names?

Titles and text detract from trailer, as they add little to nothing to the overall trailer. They may be too long or poorly written and lack a clear connection to the novel. Names? One error.

Little Text. Poorly composed or filled with errors!
Sound (must have music)


Musical background was great with clear match to novel's essence. Sound created suspense, was not overpowering. Voices could be heard.

Voices and music were basically a good match to the novel. Some sounds may have been hard to hear or overpowering.

Music did not fit or sound and voices were impossible to hear.

No music or impossible sound quality.
Time (3-5 minutes)


Length of trailer meets minimum requirement. (3-5 minutes)

Length of trailer does not meet minimum/maximum requirement, but is in the ballpark. (no less than 3 minutes, no more than 5 minutes)

Length of trailer does not meet minimum requirement by a significant margin. (More or less than 2 minutes)

Did you time this at all?


Storyboard illustrates the video presentation structure with sketches of each scene. Proposed dialogue and shots are included. All sketches are in a logical order and match the finished project exclusively.

Storyboard illustrates the video presentation with some sketches of each scene. Some proposed dialogue or shots are included. Some of the sketches are in order and match the finished project.

Storyboard lacks the video presentation and includes little to no sketches of scenes. None of the scenes are in logical order and follow the finished project. No dialogue or shots included.

No storyboard or planning were shown to me.
Group Dynamics/Planning


You seemed to work well together. Your movie looks like you all contributed effectively. knew your roles, and planned it out. Everyone had a share.

Overall it looks like your group worked together on this, but some evidence that you had a breakdown in group dynamics exists. Did someone get left out?

Your film did not seem to have a sense of teamwork. Either one person did too much or maybe one or two people didn't pull their share. It didn't seem to come together well.

This looks like it was one person's project or even too few in the group knew what was going on. It was a mess.

  • Broadcast, Journalism, Mass Media, Video editing

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