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iRubric: Soccer Skills Assessment rubric

iRubric: Soccer Skills Assessment rubric

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Soccer Skills Assessment

  Derived from rubric: Soccer Skills Assessment
built by mrandletttyding

Rubric Code: DX9XB42
Students will be assessed on their overall ability and attitude toward the game of soccer. Students will be assessed on their performance of soccer skills and technique.
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Keywords: cooperation, eye-foot coordination, spatial awareness
Categories: Subjects: Physical Ed., Fitness  
Types: Assignment   Assessment   (Other)  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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Dribbling, Passing and Recieving
  Needs Improvement
1 pts
3 pts
Meeting Expectations
4 pts
Exceeds Expectations
5 pts
Needs Improvement

Student uses toes to kick the ball, does not have control and constantly chasing after the ball. When the ball is turned there is not control of the ball.

Student only dribbles with one foot and only uses one surface of their foot to dribble. When turning the ball has to stop it instead of using inside or outside of foot.
Meeting Expectations

Student uses both feet and shows they can dribble forward using an inside/outside pattern with their foot. When turing they use either the inside or outside of the foot.
Exceeds Expectations

Student dribbles forward using all surfaces of their foot (inside,outside, bottom, & laces). When turning the ball they use inside or outside and accelerate after the turn.
Needs Improvement

Student passes the ball with their toe and ball does not reach their target.

Student passes the ball with the inside of their foot but it does not reach their partners foot.
Meeting Expectations

Student passes the ball to their partners foot. <BR>
They use the inside of their foot to pass and plants the opposite foot next to the ball.
Exceeds Expectations

Student passes the ball to the partners foot. Student uses the inside of their foot. They can also accurately pass the ball using their laces or outside of the foot.
Knowledge of Game, Rules, Strategie
Needs Improvement

Student shows lack of participation due to not knowing rules & games therefore not contributing to game play

Students attempt to make an effort to participate in game play but shows limited knowledge of game, rules, and strategies through skill execution.
Meeting Expectations

Student communicates with teammates and shows effort and progression to come up with game play strategies/ works well offensively and defensively.
Exceeds Expectations

Student communicates with team, shows leadership skills in making team offensive/defensive strategies. Demonstrates triangle strategy effectively.
Overall participation and Sportsman
Needs Improvement

Has a negative attitude toward others and/or themselves or does Not Participate

Student disrupts the class but they do participate in our activities.
Meeting Expectations

Student encourages others, listen to others/teacher when they are talking.
Exceeds Expectations

Student encourages others and themselves. They make sure to listen to the teacher and others in a respectable manner.

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