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iRubric: Grammar Teaching  Video and Song rubric

iRubric: Grammar Teaching Video and Song rubric

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Grammar Teaching Video and Song

  Derived from rubric: Grammar Teaching Video and Song
built by barbozar

Rubric Code: D533AB
Students will create a song focusing on a grammar rule. They will write lyrics defining the rule and then present song to class in a video.
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Keywords: writing, grammar, punctuation, song
Categories: Subjects: English   Foreign Languages  
Types: Exam   Presentation   Assignment  
Grade Levels:

Powered by iRubric Spanish 3 Grammar Video Teach
  Poor 72%
18 pts
Fair 80-84%
21 pts
Good 88-92%
23 pts
Excellent 96-99%
24 pts
Following Instructions
25 Points
Poor 72%

Did you read the instructions????
Fair 80-84%

Work on following directions.
Good 88-92%

A few omissions in following directions.
Excellent 96-99%

Excellent job of following directions.
25 points
Poor 72%

Students do not have a grasp of the content. The lyrics of the song do not show a relationship to the rules. Lyrics did not relate or were missing.
Fair 80-84%

Students are uncomfortable with the content. Student chose lyrics that relate to the rules but was unable to explain how. Lyrics were provided but not explained.
Good 88-92%

Students are at ease with the content, but failed to elaborate on specific rules. Lyrics were explained with very little detail. More details, please!
Excellent 96-99%

Students demonstrate full knowledge and is able to support all rules lyrically.
Lyrics and explanation were provided with great detail.
Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation
25 points
Poor 72%

Work has four or more spelling, punctuation, and/or grammatical errors.

*This is referring to the hard copy of the lyrics of the song
Fair 80-84%

Presentation has three misspellings, punctuation, and/or grammatical errors.
Good 88-92%

Presentation has no more than two misspellings, punctuation, and/or grammatical errors.
Excellent 96-99%

Presentation has no misspellings, punctuation, or grammatical errors.
25 points
Poor 72%

Students' video was not visible, audio was difficult to hear/understand and it was NOT well-organized.
Fair 80-84%

Students demonstrated minimal effort in designing a video that enhanced the song. Presentation/video could use more thought or time spent.
Good 88-92%

Students presented a video using scenery/backgrounds and/or props. The extra props enhanced the song but were not related to grammar rules.
Excellent 96-99%

Students presented a video using scenery/backgrounds and/or props. The extra props enhanced the song and were directly related to grammar rules. Appealing and thoughtful.

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