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iRubric: Solving Equations with Mobiles rubric

iRubric: Solving Equations with Mobiles rubric

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Solving Equations with Mobiles 
NY-8.EE.7 Solve linear equations in one variable.
Rubric Code: B23W368
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Subject: Math  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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4 pts

On Target

3 pts

Minimum Target

2 pts

Below Target

1 pts

Representation using Mobiles


Complete concept is illustrated,and well-explained using math terms and details.
On Target

Complete concept is represented but some explanation is missing.
Minimum Target

Most of the required concept is completed; explanations are missing; infrequent or no use of math terms.
Below Target

Concept is given with little or no detail.
Solved & Check Equation Algebraically


Math computations are complete and correct; logic used is mathematically sound; all steps to the solution are
On Target

Math computations are complete and mostly correct; errors occur in computation; logic is mathematically sound; most steps are included.
Minimum Target

Missing 1 segment of required solutions;
math computations are incomplete with
errors; 1 error in logic occurs which
invalidates a solution; some steps are
Below Target

Segments of problem solutions are
incomplete or missing; 2 or more logic
errors occur which invalidate solutions;
steps are omitted.
Neatness and Organization


Slides are well-organized, neatly presented in a colorful and engaging manner. Viewer can easily follow the flow of information presented.
On Target

Slides present concept in a neat manner. All of the concept is visible, but lacks organization for clarity.
Minimum Target

Slides require viewer to study presentation to find all the pieces of the task. Writing may not be readily legible or organized.
Below Target

Concept segments are haphazardly presented with no apparent organization; lacks necessary neatness needed to easily inform viewer.
Follows Directions


Paid attention and followed directions.
On Target

Paid some attention an followed most directions.
Minimum Target

Had trouble paying attention and followed little direction.
Below Target

Did not pay attention or follow directions.

  • solve equations with algebra tiles


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