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iRubric: Musical Composition rubric

iRubric: Musical Composition rubric

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Musical Composition

  Derived from rubric: Musical Composition
built by WandaAdams

Rubric Code: AX9XBBA
Students write their own lyrics and create their own music. They must have a song, complete with lyrics, original music and performance.
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Keywords: songwriting, english, music, lyrics
Categories: Subjects: Music  
Types: Project   Presentation   Assignment  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

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  Needs Improvment
4 pts
Work in Progress
6 pts
8 pts
High Quality
10 pts
A set of words, phrases or sounds that make up a song
Needs Improvment

Lyrics clash with the melody and have little meaning to the writer.
Work in Progress

Lyrics are starting to flow with the melody.

Lyrics are meaningful and connect to the music.
High Quality

The lyrics are meaningful to the artist, flow with the melody and connect to the overall song.
Tempo and dynamics
Tempo is how fast or slow the song moves and dynamics describe the way the song ebbs and flows in relation to volume etc.
Needs Improvment

The song is choppy with a unnatural mix of tempo. It has no change in dynamics.
Work in Progress

Tempo and rhythm are coming together. There is more than one tempo that doesn't distracts the song. Two dynamics are present, but there are choppy transitions.

Tempo and rhythm are consistent. The dynamics flow, but could be used more fluently.
High Quality

The tempo, rhythm and dynamics complete the overall song and experience. Smooth transitions and the use of volume is present.
Audience Response
How you react to the song.
Needs Improvment

Song has little or no impact on you as you listen. You have little to say about it.
Work in Progress

You may tap your foot, smile occasionally and nod to the rhythm. You may have few comments, but not many.

You definitely want to interact with the song with body movement, laughter, talk or dance. You want to make many comments follow the playing of the song.
High Quality

It's a potential hit song. You have a strong positive reaction to the song. You want to listen to it again and again.

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