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iRubric: Origami Animal Project  TASK rubric

iRubric: Origami Animal Project TASK rubric

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Origami Animal Project TASK 
Students will follow directions in order to make various Japanese origami creations using origami colored paper. Search Adria Kasel on YouTube for easy tutorials.
Rubric Code: A24XW7X
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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Performance Task Collaboration: Science and Mathematics.
SCIENCE- Animals
MATHEMATICS: Symmetry and Shape

10 pts

Almost there...

7 pts

Not getting it...

4 pts

Followed Directions

Watch a video and follow the teachers instruction.


The student has completed at least 5 successful and unique steps from the origami projects. The edges of the shapes has been folded neatly and the final works resemble the examples.
Almost there...

The student has followed some of the directions, however, the shape of the origami have not been completed exactly as the example. The student only able to copy 4 or less unique steps from the original origami project.
Not getting it...

The student did not understood the concepts of origami. Student did not follow instructions or is unable to complete task on own.
Craftsmanship and Relationship to the topic

Overall Quality of the Origami


The student has successfully completed the origami and all have been created with great care.

The crafted origami is an example of animal that student can see inside/outside the house.

Edges of the shapes have been folded neatly

No extra fold marks.
Almost there...

The origami was successfully created but with least care.

The crafted origami is an example of animal that the student can see inside/outside the house.

Somewhat smashed looking.

Some extra fold marks noticeable.
Not getting it...

The origami was crafted with no care.

Did not follow the topic. Created his own origami not related to the topic. Does not follow the teachers instruction.

Looks quite messy.

Very wrinkled.

symmetry- both sides match

Balance- can stand on its own if needed


The origami project had a great deal of symmetry and were balanced

Edges were aligned when folding the paper.
Almost there...

It is apparent that on the origami project, symmetry was attempted and the work displays some balance.

Edges were mostly aligned when folding the paper
Not getting it...

It is apparent that on the origami project symmetry and balance was attempted but did not workout.

No effort to align paper when attempting the folds.


Student demonstrated consistent positive effort toward assignment.

Worked from beginning of class until the end.
Almost there...

Student demonstrated some effort required to complete project.

Student stopped working on their project, looked at what others where doing.
Not getting it...

Student put forth no effort and / or class time was not used wisely.

student had to be directed to stay on task multiple times.

  • Japan Culture, Origami, paper folding, patterns, symmetry,

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