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iRubric: Storyboard Rubric (Science)

iRubric: Storyboard Rubric (Science)

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Storyboard Rubric (Science) 
Students will create, a collection of storyboards depicting the water cycle. With photos of the storyboards, will tell their story of the event. Outcomes:Science: W 8.1______ ELA 7: CC7.5 ______ ELA 8:CC8.5
Rubric Code: P2W8594
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Subject: English  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Exemplary (EU)

100 pts

Good (M)

80 pts

Fair (B)

60 pts

Poor (NY)

40 pts

Your Score


Project Content
Storyboard Content

Exemplary (EU)

The project includes 8 or more 6storyboards that are clearly shown and accurate.
Good (M)

The project includes 6 storyboards, and the scene is shown and clearly shown and accurate.
Fair (B)

The project includes 4 storyboards and are accurately shown.
Poor (NY)

The project includes 2 or less storyboards but not depicted accurately.
Your Score

Points given: ________ / 35

Visual Elements

Exemplary (EU)

All pictures demonstrate effort and are eye-catching and clearly communicate visually each scene being represented.
Good (M)

Most pictures show effort and clearly communicates the concept of each scene being represented. It is evident that time was put into the storyboard.
Fair (B)

Many pictures appear rushed or are uninteresting. The connections to the scene and picture is unclear and not obvious. Does not reflect the capability of the student. It is evident that the work was rushed.
Poor (NY)

The overall appearance of your storyboard is sloppy and rushed. Work is done with little effort, quality is poor. It is evident that the work was rushed and little time was spent on the final product. Work is incomplete.
Your Score

Points given: ________ / 20

Reflection Paragraphs

Exemplary (EU)

Answers why /how meaningful and impactful the event was.
Shows great thought and Information is accurate and response shows good insight.
Good (M)

Information is accurate. Discussion makes a logical conclusion or an opinion is offered.
Fair (B)

Information provided is generally accurate but no insight is offered.
Poor (NY)

No Effort and Does not answer any other questions. Is of topic and choppy.
Your Score

Points given: ________ / 30

Organization & Mechanics

Exemplary (EU)

The Storyboard is fluent and interesting to read. Discussion is backed up with evidence from your event.
Good (M)

Writing is fluent and somewhat interesting; discussion could be supported more strongly, spelling errors are minimal and grammar is mostly accurate.
Fair (B)

There may or may not be a conclusion or an opinion. Storyboard is not interesting.
Poor (NY)

INCOMPLETE, No effort and rushed.
Your Score

Points Given:_________/ 15


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