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iRubric: Video Recording of Learnings and Reflection of the Webinar S rubric

iRubric: Video Recording of Learnings and Reflection of the Webinar S rubric

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Video Recording of Learnings and Reflection of the Webinar S 
After undergoing Webinar Series, you now have additional knowledge and learnings. It's time for you to share and reflect using a video recording that will be evaluated by your work immersion adviser.
Rubric Code: H235648
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Subject: (General)  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 9-12, Undergraduate

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10 pts


8 pts

Needs Improvement

6 pts

Over-all Presentation


Interesting, well-rehearsed, compelling delivery, grammatically correct, paced well. Words are clear and the pacing is appropriate.

Relatively interesting, rehearsed, and good grammar.
It doesn't sound like the narrator has practiced the piece. Much of the piece is uneven and choppy.
Needs Improvement

Choppy delivery, errors in grammar, contents not very compelling. It sounds like the presenter is reading a script. Delivery is uneven and hard to understand at times.
Technical Production


The video quality is very good, the camera is smooth and steady. editing is excellent. Smooth transitions throughout the piece. No dead spaces.

The video quality is okay, most shots are in focus, but the image needs additional cropping and editing. Some camera work is shaky or unsteady. There is distracting dead space and/or ambient noise. Transitions are uneven.
Needs Improvement

The video quality is not very good and shows a little blurred. The editing needs improvement. Much of the shot have distracting background noise. Transitions are jumpy.


Demonstrates a full understanding of the topic. In-depth knowledge of the topic is shown. The message is clear, strong, and complete.

Demonstrates a good understanding of the topic. Some knowledge of the topic is shown. Essential information is communicated.
Needs Improvement

Does not show understanding of the topic. Ideas are confusing. Limited knowledge of the topic is shown.
Voice Expression / Audio Quality


Voice is engaging and powerful in expressing the topic. Includes variations in pitch and tone that add interest and are compelling for the listener.

Clean and without distraction or extraneous noise.

Voice is easy to listen to and includes some variations from a monotone.

Acceptable, but with noticeable background noise or other distractions.
Needs Improvement

Voice is monotone and self-conscious.

Background noise or other distractions are excessive, and overall audio is below average.
Time / Duration


The Video recording was well over the minimal amount of time allotted. The student understands the minimum and maximum time allowed.

The Video recording barely made it to the minimal and maximum allowed time.
Needs Improvement

The video recording was extremely short. No thought was given to keeping to the prescribed minimum time requirement.

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