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iRubric: Playdough rubric

iRubric: Playdough rubric

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Evaluation of handmade Playdough. This rubric considers recipe comprehension, measuring skills, and student reflection. Points available: 9 maximum
Rubric Code: W246BAW
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Subject: (General)  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Level 0

0 pts

Level 1

1 pts

Level 2

2 pts

Level 3

3 pts

Recipe Comprehension

Level 0

Did not retrieve or use the available recipe.
Level 1

Retrieved the recipe for reference, but did either or both of the following:
- Worked out of order
- Missed / forgot ingredients
Level 2

Retrieved the recipe for reference, and utilized the correct ingredients, as well as followed the directions in order.
Level 3

Retrieved the recipe for reference. Prepared the ingredients in their measurements ahead of starting, and waited for teacher/classroom cues before moving on to the next direction.
Measuring Skills

Level 0

Did not utilize the correct measurement or the correct measurement tool / technique.
Level 1

Did only ONE of the following:

- Utilized the correct tool
- Utilized the correct technique
Level 2

Retrieved the correct tool for each ingredient, AND demonstrated the most accurate measurement technique as discussed in class.
Level 3

Accomplished all criteria in level TWO (2), and in addition, did any/all of the following:
- Assisted teammates
- Measured promptly in order to share equipment and ingredients in a time-effective manner
- Accurately converted units of measurement if needed

Level 0

Did not supply a reflection.
Level 1

Writes a basal reflection, lacking thought or effort.
Level 2

Provides insight into their experience
Level 3

Utilizes either or both of our reflection methods:
1. TAG Feedback (tell / ask / give)
2. 3,2,1 Reflections (3 things learned / 2 surprising things / 1 question)



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