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iRubric: Safety Plan rubric

iRubric: Safety Plan rubric

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Safety Plan 
Students will work with a parent to create a personal safety plan. The plan should be kept simple yet informative and concise. No personal information is to be shared.
Rubric Code: M226A25
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Subject: Health  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: K-5, 9-12

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  Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Focus on the topic

Level 1

Information is not on topic.

Information is not what was asked for.
Level 2

Information is on topic for a couple of sentences.

Information moves to other topics.
Level 3

Information is on topic and shows an understanding of what was expected.
Level 4

Information is clear, detailed and concise and demonstrates a full understanding and reflection on the subject matter.
Information provided

Level 1

Information is confusing and incomplete.
Level 2

Information is correct, though incomplete.
Level 3

Information is correct, contains good examples of the topic.
Level 4

Information is correct and contains many relevant examples pertaining to the topic.

Level 1

The plans lacks organization and sense.
Level 2

The plan is pretty clear in the steps to follow but lacks some cohesiveness
Level 3

The plan is simple and easy to understand and at the child's level.
Level 4

The plan is simple, well organizaed and relevant to situations that could be experienced

Level 1

Little time and effort was put into the plan.
Level 2

Some time and effort was put into the plan.
Level 3

A good effort was made in producing the plan and adding details.
Level 4

Effort is clearly noticeable through the organization and information provided.



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