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iRubric: orthopaedic bio mechanics assessment rubric

iRubric: orthopaedic bio mechanics assessment rubric

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orthopaedic bio mechanics assessment built by drshadabuddin

Rubric Code: LX9X52A
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Keywords: knowledge,skill
Categories: Subjects: (General)  
Types: Quiz  
Grade Levels: Graduate

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  Exceeds Standard
5 pts
Meets Standard
3.5 pts
Nearly Meets Standard
2.5 pts
Below Standard
1 pts
Presentation of Knowledge
Exceeds Standard

Descriptions of people, places, things and events elaborately express ideas and information without prompting

Drawings and visual displays are elaborate and significantly enhance the oral presentation
Meets Standard

Describes familiar people, places, things, and events (SL.K.4)

Provides additional information with prompting (SL.K.4)

Adds drawings or other visual displays to provide details (SL.K.5
Nearly Meets Standard

Attempts to describe people, places, things and events, but details may be limited
Adds limited information with prompting

Includes some drawings or visual displays, but may be limited or unrelated to topic
Below Standard

Description of topic is minimal with few details

Does not add information, even with prompting

Lacks drawings or visual displays
Cognitive Skills
Exceeds Standard

Meets Standard

Nearly Meets Standard

Below Standard

Interpersonal Skills & Responsibili
Exceeds Standard

Meets Standard

Nearly Meets Standard

Below Standard

Communication, IT,Numerical
Exceeds Standard

Meets Standard

Nearly Meets Standard

Below Standard

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