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iRubric: Discussion Board Rubric

iRubric: Discussion Board Rubric

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Discussion Board Rubric
Rubric for online discussion board forums
Rubric Code: L4857W
Ready to use
Public Rubric
Subject: Education  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: (none)

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Effort at this level is greater than expected

3 pts

Meets Expectations

Effort at this level represents what is expected

2 pts


Effort at this level is less than expected

1 pts

Critical Thinking
3 pts


Posts show deep insight and analysis.

Personal opinion is expressed clearly and fully developed.

Poses questions or ideas to promote further discussion.
Meets Expectations

Posts are simple but show some insight and analysis.

Personal opinion is expressed but lacks elaboration and detail.

Offers some new line of thinking.

Posts lack insight and analysis. Simply rehashes or summarizes others' posts.

Does not express opinion clearly.

Posts do not inspire further thinking.
3 pts


Clear connections are made through specific reference to course materials (websites, articles, texts).

Specific examples are used to connect concepts to personal experiences.
Meets Expectations

Connections to course materials and/or personal experiences are not specific or lack elaboration and detail.

Connections are vague and do not address both course materials and personal experiences.
3 pts

Must reply to 2 colleagues to receive any credit


Replies show insight, depth and understanding. They connect with the original post and add to that post by including references to supporting material (e.g., URLs, files). Personal opinion is appropriately expressed and clearly related to the original post. Thoughtful questions were posed to further discussion of the topic.
Meets Expectations

Replies are rather simple but show some insight, depth, or connection to the original post. Some material may be irrelevant, but personal opiniion is appropriately expressed and posts as a whole show understanding. Questions were posed to further discussion of the topic.

Simple replies that lack insight, depth, or are superficial. Entries tend to be short and frequently irrelevant to the original post. Does not express opinion clearly. Shows little understanding. No questions were posed to further discussion of the topic.
Timeliness of Posts
3 pts

Either 1 or 0 for completion of all posts on time.


Original post is provided in timely manner for others to read, analyze and post response.

All replies are made in a timely manner to promote deeper thinking and promote further dialogue.
Meets Expectations


Original and all replies are not posted 24 hours prior to class meeting.

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