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iRubric: Poster Project rubric

iRubric: Poster Project rubric

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Poster Project 
The student will create a poster with a planned Focus on a major Idea: A poster with a poitical view, advertising, a social network, ect. (Poster with a Message)
Rubric Code: L24X85W
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: (none)

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  Excellent A


Good B


Fair C


Poor D


Poster Guidelines

Excellent A

All objects are represented accurately to the audience of choice and gives a very clear understanding of the overall message.
Good B

Most objects are represented accurately and gives an ok message. Minor adjustments are needed.
Fair C

Some objects are represented accurately but does not show a clear focus. Numerous adjustments are needed.
Poor D

No objects are represented accurately and does not indicate a poster with a message in any shape, way, or form.
Originality of design

Excellent A

The artwork is original and unique in design.
Good B

The artwork shows some originality and uniqueness.
Fair C

The artwork shows little originality.
Poor D

The artwork is copied or shows no originality.
Medium (Paint)

Excellent A

Medium is well chosen and complements the design.
Good B

Medium meets the design requirements and is acceptable for the artwork.
Fair C

Medium choice is not appropriate for the artwork.
Poor D

There is no use of medium other than outlines.
Presentation / Craftsmanship

Excellent A

Piece is complete. Overall design is complete and includes elements and principles of art.
Good B

Piece lacks overall appearance of completeness. Overall design is adequate or lacks principles and elements of art.
Fair C

Piece is not complete. Overall design is not complete or finished and no elements or principles of art are used.
Poor D

Yikes...what happened?
Use of classtime

Excellent A

Good use was made of class time andproject was done during the required time.
Good B

most of the class time was used and the project was done one time.
Fair C

Little of the class time was used. I took longer than was allowed to finished the porject.
Poor D

I have some done on this project and used some of the classtime. I am not finished yet.

  • Elements and Principles of Design


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