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iRubric: Interpersonal Assessment rubric

iRubric: Interpersonal Assessment rubric

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Interpersonal Assessment 
Interpersonal Assessment for Dr. Knight's methods class
Rubric Code: KX48W35
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Subject: Foreign Languages  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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2 pts

Meets Expectations

3 pts

Exceeds Expectations

4 pts

Fluency of Speech


Is unable to speak spontaneously; content of speech not appropriate to prompt; Pauses throughout entire conversation; Isn't confident with the language

Speech feels rehearsed; Content of speech not fully pertinent to prompt; Many pauses; Only confident while talking about familiar content
Meets Expectations

Is able to speak somewhat spontaneously; Content of speech is fully appropriate to prompt; Very few pauses; Is visibly confident with the language
Exceeds Expectations

Speech is totally spontaneous and natural; Appropriate in terms of prompt, with additional details to clarify the point; No pauses; Is totally confident while speaking
Grammatical Accuracy


Less than half of the message is grammatically accurate

About half of the message is grammatically accurate
Meets Expectations

More than half of the message is grammatically accurate
Exceeds Expectations

At least 80% of the message is grammatically accurate
Comprehensibility and Pronunciation


Conversation is incomprehensible; Pronunciation is completely Gringo

Those used to listening to L2 learners may have some trouble understanding the message; Gringo pronunciation causes errors in pronunciation
Meets Expectations

Those used to listening to L2 learners will easily understand the message; Gringo pronunciation interferes very little with comprehensibility; Very few errors in pronunciation
Exceeds Expectations

Gringo pronunciation is almost completely absent; Easily understood by those used to and not used to listening to L2 learners; Few to no errors in pronunciation
Use of Communication Strategies


Is unable to understand partner; Does not attempt any kind of idiomatic expression; Conversation feels forced

Attempts to listen to partner throughout; Attempts to use idiomatic expressions to make conversation feel natural, but may use them incorrectly
Meets Expectations

Listens to partner throughout the entire conversation and attempts to respond; Attempts to use idiomatic expressions; Steers conversation such that it sounds natural
Exceeds Expectations

Listens and responds thoroughly to partner the entire conversation; Uses idiomatic expressions correctly; Conversation feels completely natural


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