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iRubric: Room in Line with Enhanced Line Quality rubric

iRubric: Room in Line with Enhanced Line Quality rubric

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Room in Line with Enhanced Line Quality 
Contour Lines (outlines) are lines that communicate the boundaries of an object or parts of an object. Find the Lines (Contour outlines) in your environment. In areas of shadow, ENHANCE YOUR LINE QUALITY>
Rubric Code: H2257AA
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: 6-8, 9-12

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  Getting started.

1 pts

Working on it.

2 pts

Almost there.

3 pts

A Masterpiece.

4 pts

Use of Line

Getting started.

Very few lines are used.
Working on it.

Some lines are used.
Almost there.

Several lines are present. There is some detail.
Some different line types are introduced.
A Masterpiece.

There are several lines and line types.
There is a lot of details of objects.
Enhanced Line Quality

Getting started.

Lines are there but no use of Line quality. There is one level of value throughout the drawing.
Working on it.

Line Quality is almost enhanced with minimal levels of value in areas of shadow in parts of the drawing.
Almost there.

Line Quality is somewhat enhanced with a couple levels of value in areas of shadow throughout the drawing. Form is somewhat evident.
A Masterpiece.

Line Quality is enhanced with several levels of value in areas of shadow throughout the drawing. Form is evident.
Craftsmanship/ Quality

Getting started.

Getting Started.

Shows no quality time spent. Quickly made marks (scribbling).
Working on it.

Working On it!

Work shows little time spent. There is a beginning point
Almost there.

Almost there!

Work is somewhat finished, for the most part neat and showing some time spent. Little or no scribbling, tares or folds.
A Masterpiece.

A Masterpiece.

Work is finished to the best of the students ability, is neat, shows Time Spent, no scribbling, without tares or folds.
Use of Space

Getting started.

Barely there.

Space is less than 1/3 used. Student did not complete exercise.
Working on it.

Almost there.

Page is about half full with some quality marks. There is plenty of open space for more work.
Almost there.

Meeting standard.

Page is somewhat full. Not many open spaces of blank paper. Marks are careful
A Masterpiece.


Student has put quality marks on at least 3/4 space of the page. No large gaps of blank space.
Effort/Use of Time

Getting started.


Little use of class time for work. Student wasted most of time allowed. Less than 1/4 of exercises completed.
Working on it.

Working on it.

Student has used about half of class to work. Some marks are there, but some scribbling or hastily done work.
Almost there.

Meeting standard.

Student has used Most of the class time for their work. Student has applied themselves at least 3/4 of class time.

Most marks are quality and not scribbled.
A Masterpiece.


Student has worked continuously, using class time to their best ability. Student has gone over and above to practice the exercises to their best ability. Marks are thought out, slow and deliberate. Quality Marks.

  • Line, Enhanced Line Quality

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