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iRubric: Chefs for the MASTER CHEF Cooking Contest rubric

iRubric: Chefs for the MASTER CHEF Cooking Contest rubric

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Chefs for the MASTER CHEF Cooking Contest 
Rubric Code: G248WA9
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Subject: Math  
Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: K-5

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  Chef de cuisine(Master chef)

10 pts

Sous Chef(deputy chef)

8 pts

Cuisinier (cook)

7 pts

Apprentice( learning)

6 pts

ACCURACY: Weights and measurements

How well were ingredients weighed and measured to obtain the accuracy in the outcome.

Chef de cuisine(Master chef)

Used the amounts correctly which ensured a good outcome.
Sous Chef(deputy chef)

Use of correct amounts of ingredients to which ensured a respectable outcome.
Cuisinier (cook)

Use of correct measurement is visible.
Apprentice( learning)

Some measurements are accurate, others approximation.
Presentation and Texture of the food

How well was food served?

How did cooking methods bring about the variety in the texture of the foods prepared?

Chef de cuisine(Master chef)

Very well plated-
Excellent decoration with a unique touch.

A balance of various textured food to increase the taste and aesthetic appeal.
Sous Chef(deputy chef)

Good presentation with colourful and appropriate deocration.

Variation in texture is visible which brings about changes in the way food is presented.
Cuisinier (cook)

Plated well - decorated nicely.

Some variation in texture is visible.
Apprentice( learning)

Should have spent more time on this aspect.

two different texture is visible.

How did the final product taste?

Chef de cuisine(Master chef)

Excellent flavour - very well cooked.
Sous Chef(deputy chef)

Good balance of flavour.
Cuisinier (cook)

Good flavour- well cooked.
Apprentice( learning)

Average- it was ok but could have been better.
Culinary skills and Cooking Process

How well was the portion sizes prepared and served?

How was the cooking process done?

Chef de cuisine(Master chef)

Correct proportion served appropriate for the serving plate.

Have exemplary executed the cooking process.
Sous Chef(deputy chef)

Portion size was acceptable.

Have followed the correct steps in cooking the dish..
Cuisinier (cook)

Portion served was still acceptable.

Have followed the correct steps in cooking the dish with some neglected steps.
Apprentice( learning)

Portion size was too small or too big.

Was been guided all throughout the cooking process.
Hygiene and cleanliness

How well was cleanliness maintained by the team.

Chef de cuisine(Master chef)

Very hygienic , keeping in mind to wash, clean and wipe.
Sous Chef(deputy chef)

Hygiene is visible but still not the priority.
Cuisinier (cook)

Hygiene was practiced at times.
Apprentice( learning)

Hygiene was not the main criteria for the team.

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