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iRubric: Copy of Social Studies Presentation rubric

iRubric: Copy of Social Studies Presentation rubric

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Copy of Social Studies Presentation 
An oral presentation made by students regarding their research project
Rubric Code: E246B84
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Subject: Social Sciences  
Type: Presentation  
Grade Levels: (none)

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  Exceeds Expectation

4 pts

Fully Meet Expectations

3 pts

Meet Expectations

2 pts

Not Yet Within Expectations

1 pts

Subject Knowledge

Exceeds Expectation

Student demonstrates full knowledge of the issue (more than required) by providing clear explanations and elaboration. Answers all questions.
Fully Meet Expectations

Student is at ease with expected answers to all questions, but may not be able to elaborate.
Meet Expectations

Student is uncomfortable with information and is able to answer only rudimentary questions.
Not Yet Within Expectations

Student does not have grasp of information; student cannot answer questions about subject.

Exceeds Expectation

Student uses a clear voice and correct, precise pronunciation of terms so that all audience members can hear presentation.
Fully Meet Expectations

Student's voice is clear. Student pronounces most words correctly. Most audience members can hear presentation.
Meet Expectations

Student's voice is low. Student incorrectly pronounces terms. Audience members have difficulty hearing presentation.
Not Yet Within Expectations

Student mumbles, incorrectly pronounces terms, and speaks too quietly for students in the back of class to hear.
Eye Contact

Exceeds Expectation

Student maintains eye contact with audience, seldom returning to notes.
Fully Meet Expectations

Student maintains eye contact most of the time but frequently returns to notes.
Meet Expectations

Student occasionally uses eye contact, but still reads most of report.
Not Yet Within Expectations

Student reads all of report with no eye contact.
Group work

Exceeds Expectation

All team members contributed equally to the finished assignment. All members on task in the classroom/learning commons.
Fully Meet Expectations

Majority of group members assisted in the finished assignment. Most members were on task in the classroom/learning commons
Meet Expectations

Half of the group members dominated the assignment. Most members were off task in the classroom/learning commons.
Not Yet Within Expectations

Little group effort during the assignment; one group member dominated. The group was off task while working in the classroom/learning commons.

  • Oral presentation Social Studies

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