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Students are asked to create a 30 second- 1 minute solo based on the question: Who Am I? This solo should tell a story that expresses who the dancer is through the music, emotion and choreographic dynamics. Part 2 of Project Me = Reflection Essay + Video Post
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  Needs a lot of Help
1 pts
Needs Work
2 pts
Pretty Great
4 pts
5 pts
Embodiement of Music and Emotion
Needs a lot of Help

The song did not match the theme and/or was disconnected from the overall emotion. There appears to be no connection between the music and the emotion of the piece.
Needs Work

The song had some traces of being connected emotionally. Work is not conveying concept.Ideas seem to flow in a difficult manner. Idea was in the head but not in the body.
Pretty Great

The dancer is connected to the dance, but may be lacking an emotional connection or disconnected from parts of the music

It is clearly evident that the dancer is connected with the meaning and emotion of the music and the dance. Concept is clear. Work was well crafted and well thought out.
Choreographic Dynamics
Needs a lot of Help

There were little or no elements of dance explored in the piece (i.e. time, space, energy, shape, levels)
Needs Work

Some elements of dance were explored (time, space, energy, shape, levels) Dynamics are lacking.
Pretty Great

Movement has a voice of its own. There are strong dynamics that add to the value of the movement.

The movement is interesting and adds depth to work. Movement has value without music.
All dynamics of dance (time, space, energy, shape, levels) are strong and enhance phrases.
Motivation/ Movement Intention
Needs a lot of Help

This piece does not share anything with the audience about who the dancer is.
Needs Work

There are traces of a personal story, but not many.
Pretty Great

It is clear that the dancer is telling a story about themselves, but the music and/or performance is lacking conviction and/or depth.

It is evident that the dance answers the question: Who Am I? There is a clear story to the dance that shares a part of the dancer's life in a clear and inspiring way.
Performance Quality
Needs a lot of Help

The dancer is distracted, unsure, and insecure. The dancer often breaks the performance. I.e. not taking themselves or the performance seriously.
Needs Work

The dancer is sometimes distracted, unsure, or insecure. They sometimes break the performance by looking around, talking, or giggling throughout performance.
Pretty Great

The dancer performs with minimal distractions. They look fairly confident and prepared for most of the performance.

The dancer performs with full confidence. They bring the Axé! They perform with enthusiasm, and are invested in their audience. This solo is ready for Spring Showcase!

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