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iRubric: Decorative Clay Project rubric

iRubric: Decorative Clay Project rubric

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Decorative Clay Project 
Rubric Code: C246B68
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Subject: Arts and Design  
Type: Project  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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  Not Proficient

0 - 14


Needs Work

15 - 17



18 - 22



23- 25


Originality / Incorporation

Does it stand out? Original idea or spin on an old idea? How was chosen requirement incorporated into project?

Not Proficient

No evidence of researching ideas done. No proposal completed.The artwork lacks evidence of personal expression. Appears rushed and does not fit chosen requirement or did not choose one of four requirements.
Needs Work

Little evidence of research done. Incomplete or limited proposal completed. Demonstrates little personal expression and problem solving skills with incorporated requirement.

Prior research and proposal was completed.The artwork demonstrates a level of personal expression and growth with the idea. Project meets incorporates the chosen element well.

The design shows high use of research and planning with completed proposal. The artwork demonstrates original personal expression and displays strong growth for the student. Project strongly displays the chosen requirement and is easily evident.

Does it appear complete and well finished?

Not Proficient

Overall construction has many flaws such as cracks, warping, dents, visible seams, clay is too thick or too thin, rough edges. No attempt to make the pieces the same in size or form.
Needs Work

Overall construction has visible flaws and student made little attempt to correct issues. Execution shows some skill at construction knowledge but is limited.

Construction is sound and functional without obvious flaws, edges are smooth where desired. Execution shows knowledge of construction and final craftsmanship.

Outstanding construction is evident.
No apparent flaws. Student has great knowledge of the clay construction and is a problem solver. Project appears clean and complete in all areas. High craftsmanship is evident.

Did they use the glaze element to make the piece stand out?

Not Proficient

Glaze application is extremely uneven and streaky. and there are several areas where clay is exposed. Glaze choices appear random and no cohesion.
Needs Work

Glaze application is inconsistent but covers the vessel. Some areas of exposed clay. Appears little preparation went into selecting glaze colors.

Glaze application is mostly even and covers the vessel. Limited if no areas of exposed clay. Some time was spent selecting colors that complimented each other.

Glaze application is opaque where desired and no exposed clay. Highly evident time was devoted to selecting colors that make the piece unique and standout. Experimented with glaze applications.

  • Ceramic Boxes, Slab construction, clay


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