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iRubric: Notebook Check rubric

iRubric: Notebook Check rubric

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Notebook Check

  Derived from rubric: Notebook Check
built by samueloj2002

Rubric Code: B5W99B
Rubric for Notebook Check - Spanish Class
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Keywords: Spanish Notebook Check Rubric
Categories: Subjects: Foreign Languages  
Types: Quiz  
Grade Levels:

Powered by iRubric El Cuaderno del espaƱol
  Muy bien - Excelente
3 pts
2 pts
1 pts
OrganizaciĆ³n- Organization
Muy bien - Excelente

Has name of student clearly written on inside/outside of cover of notebook. Notebook is labeled Spanish on the outside cover. Contains 4 dividers labeled: repaso, apuntes, vocabulario, and tarea -
All entries have a date and heading -Notes are in their proper sections.

Has name of student written on inside/outside cover of notebook. Notebook is/is not labeled Spanish on the outside cover.
Contains dividers, but some or all are not labeled. Some entries have a date and a heading. Most notes are in their proper sections.

No name on notebook, or Spanish is not written on the cover. Contains few or no dividers that are labeled to separate each section. Most notes are not dated or do not include a heading. A lot of notes are not in their proper sections.
Contenido - Content
Muy bien - Excelente

All notes are present in each section. Mistakes made on repasos have been corrected.
There is only Spanish work in the notebook.

Some notes are present in each section. Some mistakes have been corrected on the repasos. There is other subject matter in the Spanish notebook.

There is a lot of information missing from each section. Few/No corrections have been made on the repasos. There is a lot of other subject work in the Spanish notebook.
Nitidez y Pulcritud
Muy bien - Excelente

Writing is clear. No pages have been skipped between notes. There are not a lot of scribbles and drawings throughout the notebook. All tabs and covers are attached to the notebook.

Writing is clear, but some pages may be skipped between notes, or there may be a lot of drawing and scribbling thoughout the notebook. The notebook/tabs is/are beginning to fall apart - needs some repair.

Writing is unclear. Many pages are skipped between notes. There are so many drawings and scribbles throughout that it is distracting. Tabs have fallen off without repair or re-labeling, and the notebook may be missing its cover.

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