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Radiation Therapy Recruitment


Goals and Action Plan






1). Demonstrate courage by being able to communicate as leaders to our possible recruits.


2). By recruiting future radiation therapists we will be developing a method for solving problems for curing cancer.


3).As leaders we will seek additional responsibilities by giving future recruits insight and guidance on cancer related issues as well as furthering their education.




Action Plan
1. Educate students about Radiation Therapy Program.
2. Teach students about how cancer develops and how radiation therapy treats the cancer.
3. Create a brochure for possible recruits.
4. Recruit students from local high schools and college.
5. Enable others to further their education.
6. Promote radiation therapy program of the radiological science department at Armstrong Atlantic State University
7. Educating students about possible opportunities that they will have after graduation.
How we recruited:
We set up appointments at local high schools and a local college. High schools include Savannah Arts Academy and Abundant Life. The local college that we recruited was none other than our favorite Armstrong Atlantic State University. By making these appointments we will present an educational brochure and a PowerPoint presentation that will get students interested in Radiation therapy as well as educating them about cancer. Shannon and I split up the information and took turns talking about our portion of the PowerPoint.

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