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Detection & Tumor types

 What do you think causes cancer?


Although the cause of cancer is unknown, many carcinogenic agents have been identified such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol so DON"T DRINK AND DON"T SMOKE!






How do we detect cancer?


Screening tests are helpful in detecting cancer early. Some examples are Pap smears for cervical cancer, digital exam for prostate cancer, fecal occult blood testing for colorectal cancer and mammograms for breast cancer






Examples of Tumors


         Sarcomas- tumors arising from mesenchymal cells which include connective tissue such as cartilage and bone
         - ex: Chondrosarcoma is sarcoma of the cartilage.

         Carcinomas- are tumor that originate from the epithelium.

      -This includes all the tissues that cover a surface or line a cavity.

         -Since the lung is made of squamous cell epithelium a tumor in

           the lung would be called squamous cell carcinoma of the


         Epithelial cells that are glandular are called adenocarcinoma.

          -A tumor originating in the lining of the stomach would be

           called adenocarcinoma of the stomach.





*Example of uterine tumor                          *Example of lung cancer





Did you know that there are different types of tumors?


        Malignant tumors

        -Have the ability to spread somewhere else in the body besides

         the original site.

        -Often invade and destroy normal surrounding tissue

 •                Benign Tumors

      - Do not spread or invade surrounding tissue
      - Often encapsulated and slow growing

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