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Radiation Therapy Recruitment


Reflections & Statements


Future Statement
We hope that promoting radiation therapy will educate students not only as a major but also how it works. We hope to teach them the values of life such as prolonging it by not drinking or smoking, and how and when to get screenings. We want to get students interested in this field because it is developing and evolving rapidly. Educating students about radiation therapy and how it works will hopefully enlighten some bright minds to become part of this profession.
Lindsey Martin's Reflection Statement
At the beginning of this leadership class, I did not have a clue that being a leader could be very rewarding and you could have a feeling of self accomplishment. I thought that leaders had to be bossy and have to do all the work, but as days went by I started to realize that I have leadership qualities and skills that I never knew I had. A leader is someone that people look up to that has qualities such as honesty, integrity, motivation, determination and more. By working on this practicum, I noticed that I was a leader and that the leadership skills that I have will be with me for the rest of my life. I will use my new found skills in order to better myself in my profession.
Shannon Carmody's Reflective statement
When I first started the leadership class, I learned that my definition of a leader was misinterpreted. I thought that a leader was just someone who led someone or a group of people from point A to point B. I have learned that not only does a leader lead people from point A to point B, but they do it with integrity, honesty and drive. You have to be able to enable others to act by leading with care and compassion. You have to listen to your followers and be willing to help them make a difference in their lives. This leadership project helped me realize just how much drive, work and integrity is needed to become an effective leader. It also helped me realize that I have what it takes to be an influential leader.
Group Evaluation
We learned that being an influential leader comes with responsibility, drive and integrity. We had to put forth a lot of hard work and determination in order to recruit possible radiation therapy students. We created a PowerPoint, brochure, and spent many hours getting information for this project. We feel that we made some connections with most of the possible recruits, and got more feedback from the high school students. It was neat to see eager minds "absorbing" the information that we presented to them. We believed that we have definitely served our purpose as being effective leaders and communicators. The goals that we made for ourselves were accomplished with many more tasks that we set for ourselves during this project. We evaluated our project and realized that we have met all the expectations that we set for ourselves. We really enjoyed working on this project because it brought awareness to our field of study.

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