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Radiation Therapy Recruitment


Clinical Education

Clinical sites for the Radiation Therapy program include
         Anderson Cancer Institute Radiation Oncology Center, Savannah, GA
          Savannah Radiation Oncology Center, Savannah, GA
         Southeast Georgia Health System Oncology Center, Brunswick, GA
          Roper Radiation Oncology Center, Charleston, SC

          Medical University of South Carolina Oncology Center, Charleston, SC




Once you get into the program you will start on-the-job training to become a radiation therapist

         On the job training will include:


 -Going to different clinical sites where you will learn how to become a radiation therapist. 
   - This internship will help you learn all the skills required to:       
      - deliver radiation therapy to patients

      - perform CT scans to localize treatment                       

      - take and develop x-rays for verification

      - “set-up” patients for their treatments                      

      -develop critical thinking skills by multi-tasking

      - learn how to interact with patients by seeing them

        frequently and by helping them get rid of their disease


         By becoming a Radiation Therapist, you will always learn something new and interesting!

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