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iRubric: Cross Country Running Rubric

iRubric: Cross Country Running Rubric

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Cross Country Running Rubric 
Rubric Code: K2287W2
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Type: Assessment  
Grade Levels: K-5, 6-8, 9-12

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  Needs Improvement

1 pts

Adequately Meets Standards

2 pts

Meets Standards

3 pts

Exceeds Standards

4 pts

Warm-Up Tasks

Needs Improvement

Did not participate in task. Did not pay attention to directions. Did excessive amount of talking to friends.
Adequately Meets Standards

Did minimum amount of warm-up task. Rarely pays attention to directions.
Meets Standards

Completed the warm-up run. Usually pays attention to directions.
Exceeds Standards

Showed leadership among classmates. Participated fully in all warm-up tasks. Always pays attention to directions.

Needs Improvement

Fails or refusues to run or walk. Very unmotivated. Shows no effort to improve.
Adequately Meets Standards

Rarely runs to best of ability. Often chooses to walk. Shows little effort to improve.
Meets Standards

Generally runs to best of ability. Shows some effort to improve.
Exceeds Standards

Shows outstanding effort. Shows effort to improve.
Social Skills

Needs Improvement

Does not show respect for classmates. Does not encourage others. Does not participate as part of a class.
Adequately Meets Standards

At times disrespectful. Usually follows rules. Positive attitide some of the time. Pays attention some of the time.
Meets Standards

Demonstrates respect. Usually follows rules. Positive attitide most of the time. Pays attention most of the time.
Exceeds Standards

Treats all classmates with respect. Leads by example. Encourages classmates. Has a positive attitiude. Follows the rules of the class. Pays attention in class.
Skill Performance

Needs Improvement

Chooses not to run and therefore unable to assess perofrmance.
Adequately Meets Standards

Running form needs correction often and interferes with running performance.
Meets Standards

Occasionally demonstrates proper form. Needs some reminding about form.
Exceeds Standards

Consistently demonstrates proper running form in posture, arm swing and foot placement.

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