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iRubric: Excel Spreadsheet Rubric

iRubric: Excel Spreadsheet Rubric

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Excel Spreadsheet Rubric

  Derived from rubric: Excel Spreadsheet Rubric
built by kimekennedy

Rubric Code: Y3B799
Rubric for evaluating student in-class labs for MS Office Excel
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Rubric for evaluating In-Class Lab Assignments Exel Units A - D
  Beginning (1)
1 pts
Developing (2)
2 pts
Accomplishing (3)
3 pts
Exemplary (4)
4 pts
Excel Unit A
100 %
Starting with MS Office Excel 2007
Beginning (1)

Understand and identify spreadsheet software, identify a worksheet and a workbook, explore the Excel 2007 program window.
Developing (2)

Understand the details about formulas, identify the Excel arithmetic operators, understand cell references in formulas, and determine the calculations to use.
Accomplishing (3)

Enter labels and values, use AutoSum, define a function and its argument, navigate a worksheet, edit cell entries, and identify common Excel pointers.
Exemplary (4)

Use the formula prefix to enter and edit a simple formula, understand calculation operators, arithmetic operators, comparison operators, text concatenation operators, reference operators, and named ranges, switch worksheet views, and choose print options.
Exel Unit B
100 %
Work with Formulas and Functions in MS Office Excel 2007
Beginning (1)

Create a complex formula, and review the mathematical order of precedence.
Developing (2)

Understand functions, insert a function, manually type a function, copy and move cell entries, insert and delete selected cells.
Accomplishing (3)

Understand relative and absolute cell references, copy formulas with relative cell reference, and copy formulas with absolute cell references.
Exemplary (4)

Understand a mixed reference cell, use auto fill options button, use the fill handle for sequential text or values, round a value with a function, and create a new workbook using a template.
Excel Unit C
100 %
Formatting a Worksheet in MS Office Excel 2007
Beginning (1)

Understand cell-formatting values, including what changes occur and what changes do not occur, change font and font size.
Developing (2)

Understand formatting as a table using the Table Styles gallery, change cell attributes and cell alignments, rotate and indent cell entries.
Accomplishing (3)

Adjust column width, change row height, understand common column formatting commands, insert and delete rows and columns, hide and unhide rows and columns, add and edit comments.
Exemplary (4)

Apply colors, patterns, and borders, apply themes and cell styles, apply conditional formatting rule(s), name and move a worksheet, copy a worksheet, check spelling, and email a workbook.
Excel Unit D
100 %
Work with Charts in MS Office Excel 2007
Beginning (1)

Follow guidelines to plan a chart, understand and identify the elements of a chart, and identify common chart types.
Developing (2)

Create a chart, use the contextual tab Chart Tools, move and resize a chart, and move an embedded chart to a worksheet.
Accomplishing (3)

Change the chart design, work with a 3-D chart, change the chart layout, add data labels to a chart, identify gridlines, format a chart, and change alignment in axis text and titles.
Exemplary (4)

Enter text annotations on a chart, enter a drawing on a chart, add SmartArt graphics, create an exploding pie chart, use the Page Setup dialog box, Print Preview, and Print the worksheet and, then, only the chart.

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