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iRubric: Weightroom Expectations rubric

iRubric: Weightroom Expectations rubric

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Weightroom Expectations 
Students will given a designed weightlifting routine. Students will analyze their weightlifting capabilities and apply their knowledge to adjust weights and demonstrate proper technique.
Rubric Code: W2X7388
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Type: Assignment  
Grade Levels: 9-12

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Students need to use workout machines correctly and safely and correctly fill out their logs.
  Poor/Off task

1 pts


2 pts

Good/Proficient Skills

3 pts

Physical activity
3 pts

On class period/block

Poor/Off task

Participates actively at times, but needs constant reminders to stay on task. Or student is fooling around with others, disrespectful or non compliant with school and class rules

Participates actively for most of the time. Student is staying on task &/or needs little guidance to remain on task.
Good/Proficient Skills

Participates actively for entire required physical activity.
Exercise Technique
3 pts

students should use machines correctly and safely.

Poor/Off task

Techniques are incorrect or not demonstrated correctly. Student is endangering his or her self and or other classmates. Student fails to accept guidance from teacher.

Most exercises are demonstrated correctly &/or after guidance from teacher, student continues to ignore technique corrections or use machines safely
Good/Proficient Skills

Techniques are demonstrated correctly all of the time. Is not doing anything that endangers his or her self and or other classmates.
Fitness Log Completion or Assignm't
3 pts

Students should be filling out their logs correctly and (honestly)

Poor/Off task

Records very little to none of the required
information for day's entry &/OR fails to comply to most directions on log. &/or student fails to log info honestly

Records some of the required information for the day's entry &/OR fails to comply to some directions on log. &/or student fails to log some info honestly
Good/Proficient Skills

Records all of the required information for the day's entry. Complies with all directions. Recorded info honestly.
Flexibility and warmup
3 pts

Students should be warming up their muscles and stretching to reduce chance of injury.

Poor/Off task

Student is preforming skills with little to no effort or not at all

Students are performing skills with correct form but not pushing themselves for improvement on their flexibility. OR does not stretch at times between sets.
Good/Proficient Skills

Student is performing skills with correct form and pushing themselves to increase their flexibility. Student is stretching between sets as instructed.

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