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iRubric: Final play rubric

iRubric: Final play rubric

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Final play

  Derived from rubric: Theatre History Presentation
built by kb1376

Rubric Code: VX9W66W
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Categories: Subjects: Arts and Design  
Types: Presentation  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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  Needs Improvement
3 pts
Approaching Standards
5 pts
Meets Standards
10 pts
Character Development
Needs Improvement

Characters are one dimensional and do not help move the story along. There is no relationship seen between the characters and there is no character list added to the beginning of the play.
Approaching Standards

Characters help move the story along, but need a little more depth to them. Relationships between the characters are seen, but more work could be done to strengthen them. There is also no character list added to the beginning of the play.
Meets Standards

Characters are multi-dimensional and help move the story along. Relationships between the characters are clearly seen. There is also a character list with a description of each character added to the beginning of the play. Use of the story arc is clearly seen and is used in great detail to advance the story.
Needs Improvement

There is no theme or plot to the play. Actions do not connect one event to the next and it is confusing to follow. There is also no use of the story arc and the events do not advance the story.
Approaching Standards

There is a theme to the play and the plot connects each event but they are very generalized and could use more detail. Use of story arc is present, but at a very basic level.
Meets Standards

There is a strong theme to the play and the plot connects each event to the next. The action is also easy to follow and makes sense.
Overall story
Needs Improvement

There are many spelling/grammar errors and little to no stage directions. Genre is not school appropriate and or 5-7 page requirement is not met.
Approaching Standards

Some spelling/grammar errors and some stage directions are used but more detail is needed. Page requirement is under 5 pages.
Meets Standards

There is little to no spelling/grammar errors and stage directions are clear and detailed. Genre is school appropriate and meets the 5-7 page requirement.

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