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iRubric: Introducing Windows XP rubric

iRubric: Introducing Windows XP rubric

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Introducing Windows XP

  Derived from rubric: Introducing Windows XP
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Rubric Code: P43A65
Rubric for evaluating class lecture and student hands-on application for Windows XP Units A and B
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Rubric for evaluating class lecture and student hands-on application for Windows XP Units A and B
  Beginning (1)
1 pts
Developing (2)
2 pts
Accomplishing (3)
3 pts
Exemplary (4)
4 pts
Windows XP Unit A
100 %
Getting Started with Windows XP
Beginning (1)

Identify the typical elements of the Windows XP desktop; recognize common mouse pointer shapes; apply basic mouse techniques; review Windows XP terminology.
Developing (2)

Start an application program; inspect the program window elements and sizing buttons; practice sizing a window; review Windows XP terminology.
Accomplishing (3)

Review and recognize each Windows program menus and toolbars; identify several keyboard shortcuts; identify dialog boxes and their function(s).
Exemplary (4)

Identify Window scroll bars and practice scrolling; identify and apply mouse techniques to use the Windows Help and Support Center; identify other forms of Help; review steps to close a program and log off Windows.
Windows XP Unit B
100 %
Understanding File Management in Windows XP
Beginning (1)

Create an application document in WordPad; apply basic text formatting; employ the Save As dialogue box to save the document on a hard drive, floppy disk, or USB drive.
Developing (2)

Open, edit, and save a graphic file (Paint); review the Paint toolbox buttons; explain the terms cut, copy, and paste; work with multiple programs to create a document with an embedded graphic.
Accomplishing (3)

Discuss file management and file hierarchy; compare My Computer view and the Windows Explorer view; interpret the Standard Buttons toolbar(s).
Exemplary (4)

Move/Copy files using My Computer; evaluate managing files with Windows Explorer; search for files; discuss deleting and restoring files using the Recycle Bin.

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