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iRubric: Catching and Throwing K-5 rubric

iRubric: Catching and Throwing K-5 rubric

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Catching and Throwing K-5

  Derived from rubric: Catching and Throwing K-5
built by Shamus85

Rubric Code: F3C6W5
Using basic principles of underhand/overhand throwing and catching
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Keywords: catching, underhand/overhand throw
Categories: Subjects: Physical Ed., Fitness  
Types: (Other)  
Grade Levels:

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  Needs Inmprovement
0 pts
Progressing Toward Grade Level
1 pts
Meeting Expectations
2 pts
Exceeds Expectations
3 pts
Needs Inmprovement

Cannot track the object.
Progressing Toward Grade Level

Eyes closed or turn head away from ball.
Does not move to catch ball.
Catches ball with straight arms away from body or traps ball between body and arms.
Meeting Expectations

Eyes on ball but may flinch.
Reaches to catch ball.
Catches with hands only.
Exceeds Expectations

Eyes on ball.
Moves to catch ball.
Catches with hands onlly and brings ball in to chest.
underhand/overhand throw
Needs Inmprovement

No step.
No backswing.
Untimely object release.
Progressing Toward Grade Level

Steps forward with wrong foot.
Backswing with no follow through.
Inconsistant object release.
Meeting Expectations

Steps forward with correct foot.
Full backswing and follow through.
Coordinated arm motion with smooth release.
Exceeds Expectations

Throws with power and accuracy.

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