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iRubric: Basketball Skills Assessment rubric

iRubric: Basketball Skills Assessment rubric

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Basketball Skills Assessment

  Derived from rubric: Basketball Skills Assessment
built by coachlorente

Rubric Code: BX9XBB9
Basketball- students will dribble the ball, students will shoot the basketball, students will pass the basketball, students will be able to play defense and compete with sportsmanship
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Keywords: Dribble Ball Shoot Basketball Pass the basketball
Categories: Subjects: Physical Ed., Fitness  
Types: Attendance   Quiz   Class note   Assessment  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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Dribbling/Ball Handling
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Student can dribble the basketball with excellent control, proper positioning, and both hands
- Dribbles with head up, finger pads, knees bent
-Always demonstrates proper pivots without traveling
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Student can dribble the basketball with good control and proper positioning
-Dribbles with head up, with finger pads, knees bent
-Demonstrates pivot technique rarely traveling
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Student can dribble the basketball while moving
-Does not have good control
-Cannot dribble with head up
-Sometimes dribbles with finger pads
-Struggles with pivots and travels often
Still practicing

Student cannot dribble the basketball with control while moving
-Dribbles with palm of hand
-Rigid stance, knees not bent.
-Travels most of the time
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Student shoots the ball demonstrating the "BEEF" technique
-Bend/Balance, Elbow, Eyes, Follow-through
- Demonstrates excellent accuracy
-High percentage of shots are made
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Student shoots the ball successfully.
-Demonstrates BEEF
-Follows through correctly.
-Proffiiceint at shooting without defense
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Student can sometimes shoot the ball successfully.
-Rarely follows through.
-Often uses two hands to shoot
-Low percentage of shots made
Still practicing

-Student cannot shoot the ball successfully.
-Does not follow through.
-Uses two hands to shoot
-Rarely makes a shot
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Student passes the ball with precision and accuracy
-Completes most passes
-Passes at the correct time
-Good decisions when passing the ball
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Student passes the ball correctly
-Follows through on pass
-Usually completes the pass to a teammate
-Fairly good decision making when passing
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-Student can sometimes pass the ball successfully
-Sometimes follows through the pass
-Decent timing and decision making
Still practicing

-Student cannot pass the ball successfully
-Poor accuracy and decision making
-Does not complete passes
-Passes at the wrong time
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Student is always within 1-gap (one arms length) of their man and has a good awareness of the ball as their man moves.
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Student stays within 1-gap of the person they are guarding most of the time and is able to locate the ball as their man moves around.
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Student rarely stays within 1-gap of their man and has trouble locating the ball as their man moves.
Still practicing

The student does not stay within 1-gap of their man and looses track of the ball as their man moves.
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Clearly takes on a leadership role for the team.
-Plays by the rules even when if it means going against own team
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Helps others on the team, does not interact with the other team in a negative manner
-Does not cheat
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Discourages others from trying to play, negative attitude about game
-Is tempted to cheat
Still practicing

Argues with other teams and refs, not interested in team play
-Will try to cheat
Game Play
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Plays the game the right way.
-Knows and follows game rules
-Demonstrates advanced skills
-Makes appropriate decisions
-Give 110%
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Attempts to play the game correctly.
-Follows the rules they are familiar with
-Demonstrates proficient skill level
-Attempts to make the right decisions
-Plays hard
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Student engages in game play sometimes.
-Displays limited knowledge of the rules
-Has limited skill level
-Stands in one place most of the time and rarely shoots the ball.
Still practicing

Is not active in the game
-Displays self doubt or consistent negativity

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