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iRubric: Teamwork Values Rubric

iRubric: Teamwork Values Rubric

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Teamwork Values Rubric

  Derived from rubric: Teamwork and FLL Values Rubric
built by luckydrafter

Rubric Code: BX9WC66
The teamwork Values Rubric assesses how well the Lego League Team works together on a given task.
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Keywords: Teamwork
Categories: Subjects: Engineering  
Types: Assignment  
Grade Levels: 6-8

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Roles & Responsibilities
Needs Improvement

No clearly-defined roles

Not clear who completed which tasks and/or very uneven distribution of work

Team members not collaborative

Time management is poor or purely directed by the coach

Loose role assignments

Uneven work distribution

Team members will help each other, if asked

Time management skills are weak

Defined roles

Work is distributed fairly – but with individual focus only

Team members assist each other without being asked

Team mentions learning time management

Clearly defined roles

Workload is distributed fairly and team members understand each other’s role

Team members fill each other’s roles (happily!), if needed

Team members give concrete examples of learning time management
Gracious Professionalism
Needs Improvement

Team members show little/no respect for each other

Team members show no awareness of school/community issues

Team members compete with each other to be heard during judging

Team doesn’t understand the concept of gracious professionalism

Team members show limited respect for each other

Team members show limited awareness of school/community issues

Team is aware of gracious professionalism, but gives no concrete examples of what they have done to help others

Team did not help each other/other teams

Team members show respect for teammates

Team members imply increased awareness of school and/or community

Team members are vague about how this awareness translates into other aspects of their lives.

Team implies that they have helped each other/other teams

Team members give concrete examples of respect for teammates

Team members show increased awareness of their school/community including concrete examples.

Team members clearly discuss how this increased awareness transltes into other area of their lives

Team members give concrete examples of how they have helped each other/others
Problem-Solving & Team Dynamics
Needs Improvement

A problem was identified, but no steps were taken to identify a solution

One team member used power to reach their desired outcome

One person’s ideas are used

Team members working against each other

Coercion and/or confrontation dominate

A problem was identified, but the chosen solution was inadequate to some team members

Some team members didn’t accept the solution

Simple majority had input at meetings

Decisions made by simple majority without collaborative discussion

Team coexists peacefully

A problem was identified and there is compromise evident in the solution

Team tested various solutions to solve the problem

Cooperation is a dominant theme

Decisions made by most of the team, however focuses on individual tasks

Team collaborates well

A problem was identified and the team worked together to find a solution

Various solutions were tested and then incorporated

Team accepts input from all and sses the big picture in their overall goals

Team members show equality and value each other’s roles by decisions being made by the entire team

Collaboration and co-ownership are dominant themes with the members recognizing interdependence
Confidence & Enthusiasm
Needs Improvement

Only one team member spoke to the judge(s)

Some team members seem disinterested

Most team members are disengaged

About ½ the team spoke to the judge(s)

About ½ the team seems interested

Members are not paying attention to one another

Everyone was ready to answer at least one question from the judges(s)

Most of the team appears excited and interested

Members are enthusiastic, but talk over one another

All team members speak to the judges showing confidence in themselves as well as the team

Team members show equal investment in project

Members enthusiastically work together to include each other
FLL Values
Needs Improvement

No clear enthusiasm for science, engineering or technology

Team doesn’t mention new skills acquired

Some members show an interest in science, engineering or technology

Limited attention paid to new skills acquired

Team shows a keen interest in subject matter, but limited use of concrete examples

Team implies new skills acquired

Group articulates a clear understanding of the project experience

Team gives concrete examples of new skills acquired and their interest in the subject areas

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