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1 rubric Marketing ( Vocabulary Skit)       popup preview  
Reference assigned chapter in textbook(17) You must use at least 14 of the 19 terms in a two group assignment, and all 19 terms in a three group assignment. Your skit should be situational and entertaining. You may use props and other students in the class to assist you with your skit. Skit must be presented in front of the class.

Grade levels:  
2 rubric Psychology Fictional Character Paper       popup preview  
Find a fictional character that meets criteria for one or more psychological disorders in the DSM-V. Write a 2 page paper that discusses the following information: 1. A brief biography of the character 2. A current picture of what is going on in the character's life 3. The symptoms the character is exhibiting 4. The DSM-V diagnoses that have criteria met from these symptoms; or the ones that are not met and what is missing from the symptoms presented (e.g. subclinical; NOS; V codes)

Grade levels:   Undergrad  

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