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Use rubrics to communicate expectations with students and to standardize assessment. Our free rubrics building and assessment tool helps you build simple to complex rubrics effortlessly. Our Click2GradeTM technology helps you grade students directly from the gradebook with just a few mouse clicks. Scores are calculated automatically and communicated with students in great details. Build your free rubrics today and start grading.
Sample Rubric Sample of a graded rubric Rubric options rubric Build Rubrics
rubric Gradebook integration
rubric Click2GradeTM technology
rubric Manage Rubrics
rubric Share rubrics
rubric Print rubrics
rubric Collaborative assessment
rubric Analyze assessment results
rubric Rubric categories
rubric Search rubrics
rubric Bookmark rubrics
rubric Showcase rubrics
rubric Rubrics discussion board
rubric Link and embed rubrics
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More about iRubric in our knowledgebase... More about iRubric in our knowledgebase...

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