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If you are enrolled in Business 120 or Management 120 with Professor Howe, you will be required to submit various coursework on-line using this website. You will also be able to access class handouts, assignment due dates, and your grades. Joining this site is mandatory of all enrolled students.

To join the website and access the particular class (or classes) you are enrolled in, follow the these instructions:


Part 1: Getting Your Username and Password
If you currently have a membership account (username and password) with,, or, go to Part 2. If you do not have a membership account, do the following on the homepage:


1. Select Create Login in the upper right corner.


2. Select Student/Learner (default); then [continue...].


3. Create Login and Password information and press [continue...].


4. Complete profile and press [save].


Note: Youremail address is very important. This will be your communication link and the only way you can retrieve your password if you forget it. 


Part 2: Joining the On-Line Portion of a Class
(Be sure you are "logged in" on the website) 


1. Select Classroom on the top menu.


2. Select Join Class.


3. Fill in the Class ID, Access Code, and your SAC Student ID number.
    Press [submit]


     (Class ID and Access Codes are given in class.)     

Note: When you press [submit] you will be taken to the homepage of the class you just joined.


To access the class in the future:


1. Select log in on the home page


2. Select classroom from the top menu.


3. Select classes. The class or classes you have joined will be listed.


4. Select the class you wish to access.

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