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Environmental Care & Global Awareness

About Us

Environmental Care Global Awareness (ECGA) is a Walnut High School environmental club.

Community service events range from park cleanups and regular Fun Clubs to beach cleanups, tree planting, and volunteer work at animal shelters. The level of fun and difficulty of events increases jointly; so ultimately, the more a member commits to the club, the more one will get out of it.

Our mission is to promote environmental awareness on a global scale, not just in sunny little Walnut.  We strive through our different activities to broaden members' views and knowledge of the environment, giving purpose to the community service members do through hands-on experience.

Check out our officers, listed in alphabetical order.

Why Join Us?

While ECGA is first and foremost an Environmental Community Service Club, it's much more than that. It's also a place to meet new people and make newfriends. In addition to the events already mentioned, we also have "Environmental-Parties." Not to mention the treats/gifts given out on various occasions and the inner joy you'll have at helping the environment.