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Environmental Care & Global Awareness




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The Earth Day Network

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This is tree huggers central. Earth Day is a huge holiday, so mark your calender (April 22), and check out the site's links and events.

Ecological Footprint Quiz TAKE THIS QUIZ!! The quiz gives you your footprint: the number of acres that is needed to support you based on your living habits.  Then it tells you the number of Earths it would take to support the world if everyone lived as you do.  Don't be surprised if it turns out to be more than one planet.
The National Arbor Day Foundation

Another holiday.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing---Last Friday of each April. Year 2007: April 27

Upper Newport Bay Check out some of the events you may be doing in ECGA.
Bolsa Chica This place is beautiful. It's far from Walnut suburbia, but worth the time spent zoning out on a bus.
TreePeople Centered in Hollywood.  Great site and events, although we will probably never get to attend any one them seeing that it would take half the day just to get to the place and back.
High School Environmental Center Know what's going on people!  If your idea of evironmentalism is basically throwing away your trash everyday at lunch, you might want to visit this site.
Canon Environthon

For the intense tree-kissing nerd.  This appeals to the inner math and science fanatic.